Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2015


AHHHH!!! 1 more sleep till Christmas!! I’m sorry for the lack of posting on Monday but our whole house got hit with sickness and my 100% focus was on getting us all better before Christmas. While I am certain we will all still have a cough for Christmas morning, it is ALOT better then what we have been battling the week before!

I can’t believe that we are about to celebrate our first Christmas with our boy! I am SO excited to start traditions and memories of Christmas with our little guy! We know that Sam isn’t going to remember anything from this year, or know what really is going on, but Ryan and I will. We will forever have the memory of our first Christmas with Sam.

For a while, I wasn’t sure I was going to get everything done in time for Christmas. I was on a good path and then got sick as well. Thankfully, during a few good nap times, I got everything I needed done! As I sit here now, the food is made, presents are wrapped and we are ready for the big day!

Santa came early for me! As you know, I have been taking piano lessons since the Fall. I have always loved music, took a few lessons as a little girl but never thought I’d get this opportunity again. I’ve fallen in love with the piano and hope to continue with lessons next year. It’s been amazing how fast it has all clicked for me. The only problem with the piano lessons was the practice. I have a electric keyboard but it doesn’t have any pedals. So, in order to practice on a real piano, I would go to my parents house at least once a week.

A piano can be a huge expense! On Saturday, Ryan told me that he was taking the morning and going to get his Christmas shopping done! I was SOO sick that day! The night before I had only gotten 1.5 hours of sleep and I was SO glad to lay down after Sam went down for his afternoon nap. Not even 20 minutes into my nap, Ryan came and woke me up. He had an enclosed trailer parked in our driveway and his Dad and friends outside. I was sure he had bought some sort of four-wheeler…

When he opened the door I was shocked to see that it was actually a PIANO! This 1922 Mason-Risch piano was moved inside and I have been spending ALL of my spare time tickling the ivory’s! It is so much better to practice with my own piano! The sound of this old piano is amazing and I can’t wait to get it tuned in the New Year!

Ryan has always been my biggest supporter when it comes to music. When practicing with my keyboard, he’ll often come down just to sit and listen. He organized and orchestrated the whole pick up and delivery of this piano that he got for free! We have been hanging out around it lots since it arrived. He will hold Sam and I will play them song, after song.


I’ll probably take the rest of the week to enjoy time with family and friends over the holidays! I hope that you all have an amazing Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


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