Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Date


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to February! We had a wonderful weekend that went by so fast! January was so slow but this weekend flew by!

It all started on Friday night when Sam was in a fun and silly mood! Little man sat by my feet in the bathroom as I got ready for a baby shower that I was attending. He had lots of “stories” to tell me!

feb 1 1

Right before I left to go to the shower I was able to nurse Sam and get him ready for his bath! I can’t resist a naked baby!

feb 1 2

The shower was wonderful! Yummy food, a nice visit and a glowing momma-to-be! I had to snap a quick picture at the funny sign! Woops!

feb 1 3

Unfortunately, I had to go home to be with Sam as Ryan needed to head into work to do some more clean up from the snow we received the day before.

Saturday we had some running around to do but then got ready for a special night out! For Christmas we got friends, Amanda and Josh, tickets to a comedy show in Ottawa! We were excited for the double date and evening out! It has been a long time since Ryan and I were out together without Sam!

We started with supper at The Keg before heading over to the NAC. 

feb 1 4

We sat right in the front but thankfully didn’t get picked on by the comedians! It was a great night out with Ryan and friends!

feb 1 5

When we pulled out of the parking lot on Saturday night our spirits dropped when we saw the snow! There was way more than they were calling for so when Ryan and I got home, he had to change and drive all the way back to the city.

Sunday morning I slept in till 7:30! ha ha! Although I can’t sleep in, the part that I enjoyed was my slow morning. Sipping coffee and leisurely getting ready for church! It’s amazing how quick and easy it is to get out the door without Sam!

But, I really missed my boy and was looking forward to seeing him when I got to my parents! We all got ready and headed out the door for church! There were 8 kids at church this week including the littlest one, Rylie!

feb 1 6

After church, Sam and I headed back to my parents place for lunch and then headed home for his afternoon nap. While he slept I got food for the week ready and started doing some preliminary preparations for a little organization project I want to accomplish! 

feb 1 7

When Ryan and Sam were back up, we all hung out and played! It’s always my favorite part of the weekend, when the three of us can just chill out together! After a big Sunday supper it was time for bath and bed for Sam and a little Superbowl for us!

feb 1 8

It was a weird weekend because of some of it, we were without out boy! But the break was nice and we had a blast going for a night out!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend for you guys minus the snow and Ryan having to work. And you got a date night in which is great too :)