Monday, April 13, 2015

A Germy Weekend!


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend! Mother Nature has finally caught on around these parts and it was beautiful here yesterday! Flip flop weather! Please excuse me while I don’t wear any socks starting yesterday and until the first snowflake flies!

Not going to lie, it was a hard weekend in Mommyland. I was SO excited to spend the weekend with Sam. Ryan was still gone (until Sunday) and after only seeing Sam for 1.5 hours every night, I couldn’t wait for some extended quality time.

The quality time I got. But it wasn’t very fun! Sam was sick all weekend long. Up multiple times at night, crying for hours during the day and not wanting to be anywhere else except for in my arms. I know he is surrounded by germs at Daycare and this is our life but I was just SO looking forward to a fun weekend.

I did get some take out dropped off from my parents on Friday night. Which I enjoyed while sipping wine and watching the latest episodes of Downton Abbey on Netflix!


But that night was awful. Sam and I both hardly got any sleep! He woke up but didn’t want to leave my arms. Not even to eat. You know my son is sick when he doesn’t want food.


I gave Sam a dose of Mortin, which helped for a while. The good thing about Sam being sick this weekend? The Masters were on so we always had something to watch! Sam perked up a bit right before lunch on Saturday so I got a picture with him and Tiger.


My Dad was in and out of the house getting some measurements for a new shelf that he was making me! I was looking for some storage to use for Sam’s Daycare bag. I hated it lying around the house. I gave my Dad my idea and he ran with it. When he delivered my shelf it was PERFECT! I love it! We hung it a little on the low side so that Sam could eventually reach it himself when he gets a little older! My favourite part? The wood is from barns on our farm.



Oh! And after listening to a local radio station go on and on about grilled cheese sandwiches the other day, I couldn’t shake the craving and made them for supper!


After another rough night, Sam was still not himself on Sunday morning.


Before church my parents came over so that I could have a coffee and have 10 minutes without Sam in my arms. I was happy for the little bit of relief! After being without Ryan for 1 week, and dealing with a sick baby, this Momma just needed 5 minutes to drink a coffee in a little peace. Sam always enjoys snuggles with his Grandpa.


Ya, I know…I’m a lucky girl! My parents live about 30 seconds away from me and are always here in about 35 seconds if I need them. With Ryan being away, knowing that they are so close makes me feel so much more at ease.

They went off to church and Sam and I hung around. For the most part, I tried to make him as comfortable as possible but he would cry for hours at a time. My poor boy! I would have done anything to take away whatever was ailing him.


Finally, shortly after lunch, Ryan walked in the door after being away for a week in Myrtle Beach to go golfing! I was very excited to see him and Sam did not want Ryan to leave his side for the rest of the afternoon. He would play and then go over and lay his head on Ryan over and over again.

For supper we got our first chipstand taste of 2015! And set up our dinners in the living room so we could watch the final holes of The Masters Tournament!



Here’s hoping that Sam wakes up feeling 100% better this morning! Even though the weekend didn’t turn out like I had planned, I’m still glad that I was able to spend all of it with Sam doing what a Mom does best, being a comfort to her baby when they aren’t feeling good.

How was your weekend?



  1. Oh the joys of starting daycare...the year Tanner started, he had 8 double ear infections and pneumonia and was hospitalized....been good ever since though, it's just that first year! Tanner had a rough weekend too - full of the cold! Hope Sam is feeling better now that Daddy is home!

  2. Poor Sam and poor you :( hope he is feeling better! That's so nice that your parents are close and can be there to help....I wish we had that. Love the shelf your dad built too!

  3. So glad your parents are close. I know being able to help with my grandkids is really important to me and Reg. I just wanted to give Sam a cuddle, and tell him he will feel better soon.

  4. Poor Sam ! I can't believe he wasn't feeling well that weekend you finally got to spend time with him. Although I'm sure that didn't get in the way of the fun time you both got to spend together. The shelf your dad made looks amazing, by the way! Thanks for sharing that, Lindsay! All the best to your family! :)

    Paul Quinn @ MedCare Pediatric Group, LP