Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Random Things


Happy Friday Everyone! I am SO ready for the weekend to be here and to be able to spend some time with my boys without the interruption of work!

I’ve had so many “little” things that I wanted to document but none of them seemed important enough to have their own post! Therefore, it’s all going to be talked about and dumped into today’s post!

- Sam’s Easter basket was a huge success. Ryan and I talked about starting the tradition of Sam having an Easter basket that he would put out for the bunny to fill every year, kind of like the idea of a Christmas stocking. So, I wanted to get something special with his name on it! I looked on Etsy and found the perfect one that was customizable. Found here. The basket I found on clearance at Target for $7! The night before Easter “Sam” set it out and the next morning it was filled with Easter goodies (aka: stuff that he needs this year! ha ha!).



- Sam’s basket contained mostly clothes from Target that he needed. It also included sunscreen, Band-Aids, a little fan, water bottles and the favourite item….a dollar store pirates hat! 


- Sam had his first visit and meal at McDonalds! One night last week when Ryan was still away Jilly and I picked up Sam and went out for supper! I owed Jill McDonalds from a past bet and it meant I didn’t have to make supper. Win/win! Sam got a grilled cheese, fries and yogurt! He LOVED it and foresee many more visits to come!


- My husband and I have a serious struggle when it comes to food. I want to always try new things, especially if they are healthy! I am constantly trying to force him to eat better and try new veggies and fruit! He is not a very good sport about it and struggles through it the whole time. Here is a prime example! The first picture is my plate with 1 pork chop, some whole grain rice and a large serving of broccoli. The second picture; Ryan’s plate! He did eat broccoli….sort of! Good grief! 



- Lately Sam is hilarious to watch play! He is so independent. I just sit back on the floor beside him and watch him go! I always wonder what he is thinking about when he is playing. What his imagination is like right now. Either way, you know Sam has been around when there is a clear path of toys! 


- Oh the life with a boy! It has started already! Sam got this awesome trike for his birthday that he LOVES! We go for a walk EVERY DAY since putting it together (sometimes multiple times a day). He pretends to steer while we push him around. The only problem, he NEVER wants it to end. He throws a tantrum as soon as the bike stops moving. It’s going to be a long summer! Ha ha! 



- These two? They’re awesome! I love watching their bond grow and grow. They are my world. 

Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. I love watching Noah play too!! I especially like watching him with the pets haha. Soo sweet and seeing his love for them warms my heart! Yes we are battling the outdoor/indoor transition tantrums haha - soo not fun! Not ever sure how to deal with it! It doesn't help that when we were in St. Martin we basically lived outside, so he has higher standards! Love his Easter basket!