Monday, April 27, 2015

Auction Weekend!


Hey everyone! Happy Monday! It’s been a tiring last few days here not only at home but at work too! Let me explain.

For the last month everyone has been working SO hard on the farm to get ready for an auction sale that we wanted to host here on our farm. First, we had to convince everyone that we were not going out of business and second, we had a TON of stuff to sort through.

The guys were doing a fantastic job at getting it all cleaned and lined up ready for the big day. There was just SO much stuff on the farm that we had accumulated from 3 companies. It was all stuff that we no longer used but had never gotten the chance to sell. This was the chance!


The other thing that we went through was all of the old antiques. My brother, dad and I had sorted through and kept what we wanted. The other stuff was just getting more and more rotten by the day as it sat. It was time to give some of these precious antiques a better home. I am SO thankful that it was all here for me to use in our wedding. I have so many beautiful pictures and memories of the wonderful antiques that had so much meaning to me.


The auction was going to be on Saturday. On Thursday, Sam woke up with a 102 fever and so I knew I needed to stay at home with him. It was a little tough because I had a big meeting planned for that day but I decided to cancel it and stay with my boy. After his morning nap he was so silly and playful. He still had a fever but he seemed in a great mood and I thought I had been played.


Around lunch time it all went downhill. He wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t drink and he could hardly keep his head up. I checked his temperature before his nap and he was running a fever of about 104. I opted to put him down for his nap right after a dose of some fever reducer. He fell asleep right away no problems but an hour later started tossing and turning. 1.5 hours into his nap, he was still stirring a lot so I went to wake him up. He still hardly moved. I checked his temperature again, 105. So, we packed up and off to the hospital we went.


We were seen right away at the hospital. It was a busy spot that afternoon. The nurse started checking his normal vitals and then checked his temperature. It kept climbing and climbing and she said “is it ever going to stop” with a little worried glance my way. It finally stopped at 106.3. She left us to re-dress Sam and immediately went for more medication and the doctor.

They mentioned to let him sit with the medication in him for 30 minutes to see if it dropped. They would watch him carefully for seizure as his fever was so high. Thankfully, his temperature did drop a little and the scare was gone. But we had to spend the next 5 hours in the ER figuring out what was wrong.


As tough as it was, it was nice to have my baby sleeping on my chest again. I soaked in those snuggles!


We were relieved to hear that Sam just had a throat infection and low white blood cell count (which turned out to be false). We had our antibiotics in hand and were ready to head home to bed!

Friday was another busy day, Sam was obviously at home and so was Ryan (who is also sick now). During Sam’s nap times, I would get Ryan to keep an ear out for him and I would either go to work or do work on my laptop.

Once the day was over, Ryan and I made some treats to sit down to enjoy the hockey game.

Saturday was the BIG day! We had to run up to the hospital that morning again for some blood work (that didn’t end up happening) and then back home right when the auction was to start! It was a cold but sunny day. I couldn’t believe the people that we showing up! One guy even came in his helicopter!


I bundled Sam up and we enjoyed watching some of the “honey wagon” portion of the sale! Ryan played a great Vanna White, showing off the stuff.


After the small stuff, it was off to the antiques. The part of the sale that meant the most to me. This was around lunch though and thankfully my mother in law kindly took Sam home for lunch and his nap! Thanks again Bev!


I couldn’t believe what the stuff was selling for. One little old cabinet sold for $950 and a couple people were fighting over one old door.

It was a great sale and pretty much everything sold! We were SO glad that it was over and exhausted by the end of the day!

Sam thankfully was pretty much 100% better on Sunday and we got to enjoy church and then family time!

How was your weekend?



  1. Wow, that's some weekend! I hope Sam is feeling better! That must have been so scary!!!

  2. Glad to know Sam is back to his lovely,smiling self. He totally cracked me up in church. That helicopter dude ! Oh, my!