Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sam’s First Birthday–The Day


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful LONG Easter weekend! I know we sure did! It was so fun to not only celebrate the holiday but our boy turning one!

I was glad that Sam’s birthday landed on Good Friday this year. Knowing that most people would have that day off, it was a great opportunity to have his party! As you know, I’ve been planning this birthday for quite sometime and I was excited that the day was officially here!

I woke up early to get a few last minute things done before my boys were up for the day! Ryan and I walked into Sam’s room and sang him “Happy Birthday” and like any birthday boy should do, he stayed in his PJ’s for the rest of the morning.


I had prepared most of the food and decorations the night before because I wanted to make sure Friday was as stress free as possible. I didn’t want to spend my day running around getting ready for the party. I wanted to spend it with my ONE year old son! And that is just what we did! We even managed to get a nice walk in in the late morning.


Some last of the baby snuggles before Sam went down for his afternoon nap. I knew that the party time would be busy and I wouldn’t get this chance again till AFTER his birthday.


I had asked our guests to arrive as close to 3 as possible so that it would give Sam longer to sleep. Everyone did that and our boy woke up 10 minutes before 3! It was perfect timing to get him dressed and then greet all of his guests.

Sam in his special birthday outfit!


The party was underway and the guests continued to flow in. We just kept the party as small as possible which still ended up being about 30 people. But, this will be the biggest of birthday parties for our boy for quite sometime.

Sam’s cousin Everett giving him birthday kisses.

sams birthday 4

I had set out a few appetizers for people to enjoy around the island in the kitchen. This made for a great place to stand and chat.

sams birthday 5

Around 4:30 I set out the Easter feast! Beans, scalloped potatoes, buns, coleslaw and of course, green eggs and ham! 

sams birthday 7

So excited to be celebrating our boy and the last year of his life.

sams birthday 9

I stripped Sam down because shortly after supper it was CAKE SMASH time! We all gathered around to sing and then watch him devour his cake.

sams birthday 13

He went at his cake pretty delicately at first.

sams birthday 14

But then got into the mess of it and even wanted to share with me.

sams birthday 16

The easiest way to clean off cake and icing from a one year old? A bath tub! I took Sam straight upstairs and rinsed him off in the tub and put on a fresh shirt. We headed down stairs for more visits and to open his birthday presents.

sams birthday 20

Everyone was so generous and Sam is having so much fun playing with all his new toys! I kept a few in their boxes for when the weather warms up and he can play with them outside. Our boy was getting sleepy and people were starting to leave. Sam had a great party and it was so fun to celebrate with everyone. He got so many birthday wishes on social media as well and thank you so much for taking the time to write something for him.

Sam CRASHED into bed that night and was fast asleep before I even got to his door. I think he was tired from all the excitement of the day!

When Sam was in bed, Ryan and I started cleaning up and doing the dishes. Ryan also put together Sam’s present from us. His own little recliner. We wanted to save it and give it to him the next day without all the chaos of the party.


I still have a hard time believing that my baby is 1. It’s been an amazing first year of his life and I couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating then a party! Looking forward to the next year of Sam’s life and all that it entails!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. That year flew by. I don't even know where it went. So glad you guys had such a nice time at his party!

  2. Had such a great time at Sam's 1st birthday bash! It was a perfect day, and he was just a little star. Loved every minute of it :)

  3. Looks like Sam had a wonderful birthday!

  4. I absolutely love that he wanted to share his cake with mommy!