Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I’m A Thrifty Shopper


Happy Wednesday everyone! I get to be off of work today for a nurse appointment and shots for Sam. I have been missing him so much Monday-Friday! By 2:30 PM each day I am ITCHING to go and pick him up. Today I’m looking forward to some peaceful time with him without the rush of our schedule.

A couple of weeks ago when we were in the city to get my boys a haircut, I had some extra time. I realized that I was near one of my favourite thrift stores and decided to take some time to walk around and peruse the aisles.

The thing about shopping at thrift stores is it is either one of 2 ways. 1. You leave with nothing. There were no treasures, nothing of interest. Everything seemed unorganized and dirty that day. Or not worth the money because the quality was so poor! Or….

2. Like me that morning, you struggle with having so much stuff in your cart that you have to choose which items to put back! Everything is unique, fairly priced and of such good quality!

I’m a fairly strict thrift shopper. If it’s not perfect, it’s not for me. I’m not going to buy something of no use just because it’s a good deal. I hunt the store like someone on safari. I zone in on my areas of interest; kids clothes, shoes and housewares. Take items of even slight interest before someone else nabs them and then return them to the shelf if they don’t suit. I can see a treasure from far end of an aisle and will leave my cart stray in order to grab it.

Here was my haul that faithful day!

1 pair of Gap jeans for Sam, 2 pairs of overalls for Sam (one Tommy Hilfiger and the other OshKosh), children’s suspenders (no brand name), 1 pair of BRAND NEW still with the tag Gap toddler boots and this orange pitcher that I am using as a vase. The pitcher was I spotted at the far end of the aisle and deserted my cart for it. I LOVED the unique vintage feel and colors. It’s in perfect shape and only cost $2.



Confession, EVERY single one of my table clothes that I own come from a thrift store. They are by far my most favourite thing to look for. I love the unique patterns/colors you can find and the quality is usually perfect!!

I found this gem that day as well! Mustard yellow table cloth with lace trim. Upon closer inspection I realize it was homemade!


Another score that I found was an ASOS (which I didn’t know the brand until I looked it up) polka dot dress in my size! I spotted the polka dots from across the store and zoomed in. I love polka dots! When I realized it was my size and the dress had pockets, I figured I’d give it a try. The dress was priced down from the original thrift store price because it had been in the store for more than a week. $100 dress (retail) for $9.99. When I took it to the checkout the cashier even remarked how great of a deal it was. All I saw were polka dots and I knew it was mine.

When I come home and unpack my treasures I feel so satisfied. I’m not a believer in 100% of your stuff coming from thrift stores but I love the feel a house can have when it had some things in it that has history. As a young adult with a young family, I love that I can purchase things that my family will not only use but that will make our house feel more like a home for a fraction of the price.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I LOVE that dress!! It's so you! I'm also a huge fan of thrift shopping but have yet to find the perfect place to go...

  2. i like the idea of thrift shopping, but you sometimes just need time - i hate rummaging through everything...i find some thrift stores, primarily kid based ones, some things are ridiculously priced for a used item...good finds!