Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Samuel–12 Months


Stats as of April 3, 2015



Weight is 23.5 pounds, length is 76 cm and head circumference of 48.5 cm. Sam also has 3 teeth, two on the bottom and 1 top left. 


This month we are in all 12 month to 18 month clothes. Pj’s are 18-24 months unless I get them without feet. Sam is in size 4 shoes and I had to purchase him bigger socks this month! His legs were getting so chubby that the socks were sliding down. We are down to only one tuque that fits so hopefully it turns into spring soon! Snow suits are also almost too small but will do us for the rest of the cold weather.



This has actually been a rough month. I think we are going through two things. 1; Sam got his third tooth and working on his forth this month. 2; a growth spurt! He is eating twice as much food as I do! I don’t know where we puts it all! But he is still napping really well, even at daycare. I was worried that Sam wouldn’t sleep at daycare but he has done great. Hasn’t missed a nap yet.



At daycare, the provider was concerned she was over feeding him. After showing her a couple of pictures of what he eats at home, she was shocked by what he eats. He is the youngest at daycare and easily eats 2-3 times more then the other kids.

sams birthday 17 

We are at the end of our breastfeeding journey. I still nurse him morning and night but when he is at daycare he gets a bottle of breast milk. If we are at home, during the day he gets whole milk. When my freezer stash runs out for day care, he’ll just have milk. I am going to drop the before bed nursing session around his first birthday and hoping to be done 100% by the time he is 13 months old. It was been a rewarding and challenging time. I know we could continue but with the stress of work I feel my supply dropping. I can’t pump any milk anymore and Sam is less and less interested in nursing. I know in my heart we are ready to be done but glad that we made it a full year!



Da-da, “ba” (ball), Wow, uh-oh, Tuc (Tucker)


For a long time, Sam hasn’t really had a “baby” appearance to him. Even more now I see a little boy. I drop Sam off at daycare and while we are playing that evening I could swear he looks different! His brown locks grows SO fast and he needs another hair cut very soon. His hair is also very thick just like Ryan’s. My boy has my big brown eyes though! I love that one of my features came through! ha ha! His smile is filling in with some pearly whites, 3 teeth so far with number 4 very close.

As always, I think he looks like Ryan and now that he is older people are commenting on how much of a twin he is to his Daddy. 

sams birthday


Sam loves baths, exploring, books, anything with wheels and food. He especially loves banana’s and anything that is a carb! He still loves his soothers especially when teething. He sleeps with like 6 of them!



Getting restrained either by his highchair, car seat or clothing. He really isn’t into snuggling lately and just wants down to explore whenever possible. He despises getting his face wiped after each meal! 



Sam gave me a heart attach and started climbing stairs on March 8.


FIRST day of daycare was on March 16.


March 17 was the first time he got to celebrate St.Patty’s day and his Daddy’s birthday!


April 3 was his first birthday!

sams birthday 13


Oh boy! This was a tough month on my emotions! Between starting back to work (and Sam going to daycare), cutting down on nursing and then my baby turning 1. It feels as though this month our lives were turned upside down and our “normal” schedules were thrown out the window! This month we’ve had to adapt to our new realities and I’m doing it but kicking and screaming the whole way.

I can’t believe that Sam is now a toddler but every once in a while I am fondly looking back at his baby pictures remembering those days. I am still so excited though for this new stage in our lives! All the new things that Sam does every day just amazes me!

sams birthday 10


While I’ve been an emotional mess, Ryan has been a complete rock. He has sat with me as tears streamed down my face over and over again. He was there when I dropped Sam off for his first day of daycare and then drove away. Without him, I think I would have just sat in the laneway. While I am a little sad of the baby years being gone, Ryan is loving our big boy and all that they can do together! He loves that he can give him food (or milk) and not have to worry too much about our nursing schedule. They have so many cute games that they play together. When I try to play those same games with Sam, I just get a funny look.

Ryan is pretty proud of the fact that Sam’s first words were “Dada”! 

sams birthday 24


Dearest Sam,

First, Happy birthday my sweet boy. It has been a wonderful first year together! It has been amazing getting to know you! You are a quiet, independent, focused and sensitive little guy. There’s not much in life that doesn’t make you happy! You wear your heart on your sleeve and I hope that is a trait that sticks with you forever.

It has been 12 months of many ups and even a few downs but the 3 of us (you, mommy and daddy) made it through and all in one piece! We love the fact that you made us a family and parents. We are so glad that God trusted in us to raise you. You bring so much joy to the simplest of days. You make us better people. We want to make the world that you are going to grow up in a better place.

Here’s to many more months and years of happy times!




Because taking a picture of an active 12 month old is so hard, here are some out takes!  






  1. Loved this post, especially the outtakes. Blessings to Sam, you, and Ryan on your first year as a lovely family.

  2. It is SO hard to watch them get so big! I'm always looking back on the "tiny" baby pictures. But, they are growing and thriving and we should be proud of that. Hopefully next month goes a little easier for you!