Monday, April 20, 2015

Beautiful Weekend, Dreary Monday!


Happy Monday everyone! It is going to be a cold and dreary week here! I hope everyone kept some of the warm clothes out because it will be needed this week!

Thankfully, the weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend and we got out and enjoyed it a lot! I don’t think there was over an hour of Sam’s awake time that we were stuck in the house!

Friday, I left work early and grabbed groceries before picking Sam up. I was feeling especially tired that day and opted to just pick up a frozen pizza for supper! Being that we had some extra time, we all headed out side to enjoy the last of the Friday sun! I love that Sam just needs a hat and we are good to go! So much easier then bundling up in winter gear! 


I sat back in the grass with a Friday refreshment while Sam played.


The rest of the evening was uneventful. Ryan and I tried to watch a movie but we both fell asleep.

Saturday morning every one was up and full of pancakes for breakfast and then Sam and Ryan made a fast trip to the city! I am officially done nursing now (post to come) and the ease it brings is amazing! Ryan is able to do so much more with Sam now that he doesn’t have to worry about a nursing schedule.

While they were gone for 2 hours I got SO much done! It really is remarkable what can get done without anyone in the house for a short period of time. To thank Ryan, I even folded his laundry for him.


As soon as the boys got back, we packed up and headed into town to help set up for the Canada Day Poker Tournament. A great fundraiser that helps us get to our goal of putting on an amazing Canada Day for the town. Unfortunately, Sam and I couldn’t stay so we left, ate lunch and then headed over to my brothers for a few minutes of play before nap time. Jared has a gated in porch that Sam loved to explore and I loved to sit on the porch swing and enjoy the beautiful day.


Sam had an awesome nap but I eventually had to wake up him 4. We grabbed some stuff and then headed back to the hall to see how everything was going with the poker tournament! I was pleasantly surprised by the awesome turn out! I had to laugh at Tanner and Mady on the lions at the front of the hall. I can remember sitting on those lions myself many years ago. It’s like a Quyon kids tradition! 


Again, we had to leave early to give Sam his bath and put him to bed.

Sunday morning we all got up, ate and then hit the road for Kanata! Sam was mesmerized with the ferry! I am so glad that it is open again after the long winter! It feels like we are connected to the world again!



We were on our way to an appointment for me at The Spa for a facial. I have been having some serious skin issues over the last month and wanted to get it treated. While I was in my appointment Ryan and Sam ran a couple of errands and went for a walk.

I had such an amazing and relaxing time and I learnt so much as to what I need to do as an adult woman with acne prone skin!

We headed to do our April date but more on that another time.

We got home shortly after 1 and put Sam straight down for his nap. Our boy was tired after a fun morning in the city. While Sam napped, Ryan and I got to work! It was time to clean our the flower beds from the winter and rake up all the leaves! It is such a big job and we are only about half way done but it is looking SO much better! Not knowing what the weekends can bring, we figured it was better to tackle the job while we had the opportunity. 


How was your weekend?


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