Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I think we all headed to bed last night very tired but that just means that we had a great time this weekend.

Friday was so fun! Picked up a Pizza and had a movie date with best friend, Jilly! We waited until Sam was asleep to start the movies but Sam had so much fun playing with someone else besides me! ha ha!

We watched Romy and Michele's High School Reunion and Sabrina! Thank you Netflix for giving us such random but fun choices!

Saturday morning Ryan was gone to a hunt camp for the day so Sam and I prepared for our day! We actually packed up shortly after breakfast to go and get some strawberries! I was a little sad at the realization that I won't be picking my own berries this year but there just wasn't a time that worked and I don't think Sam is at the right age. But, I found I went to the local farm that sells them and got 3, 4 L baskets of fresh, local strawberries!

While I drove, Sam took a car nap. When he woke up we were at a baby shower! The baby had decided it was time to join the world a little too early but she is doing so well! It was nice to be able to celebrate with the family the joyous and miracle that the arrival of Miss. A! Sam was a trooper considering he was one of the only boys there! He enjoyed the snacks and sitting on a chair like a big boy!

We left and headed home for lunch, play time and nap! Sam was LOVING the fresh strawberries. He kept going "Mmmm" after every bite! ha ha!

While Sam slept I turned on Orange is The new Black and cleaned 12 L of strawberries!

Eventually I had to wake Sam up at 3 from his nap so that we could head to a birthday party for friend Mason! Mason was turning 2 and Sam had so much fun playing outside with some of Mason's toys! I left a little early to give Sam supper at home because I knew he wouldn't stop to eat there. That night Sam's bath water was BLACK with all the dirt! Just a sign of the fun! He was out like a light from all the activity!

I watched a movie and then headed to bed early to read! I've been reading Grey and have been really enjoying it!

Sunday morning Ryan was home. He made us breakfast and then we hit the road for our June date, a stop at Rona and lunch.

We got home for Sam's nap so I made jam and froze my berries for future smoothies and snacks! Afterwards we laid downstairs to watch T.V and both took a little nap!

It was kind of a dreary evening when we were all getting supper ready so we played inside! Sam was being a goof and now will show his teeth when you tell him to smile!

I loved that I got to spent 100% of the weekend with Sam! He was so great this weekend and I love my little sidekick!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love your dress in the shower picture :)