Monday, November 9, 2015

A Lonely Wife, I Am Not!

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for the radio silence last week. With the warm November weather, work got suddenly SUPER busy again and I needed to stay focused on work! The colder weather will bring a less busy work life but still slightly hectic till we finish year end! 

Despite the busy work week, I was REALLY looking forward to the weekend! It started out on Friday night at Paint Night! I was so excited for this session because I loved the poppies that were in the studio! After a long work week, I was going in exhausted but I enjoyed painting. It got to a point though that I was falling asleep sitting up and needed to head out. I was close to being finished and will hopefully get to at the night Paint Night! 

I was up early to get ready because we were heading out to grab a fast breakfast and get Sam's haircut! While I LOVE the morning out with my boys, I wish someone would teach me how to cut a little boys hair! It takes $20 ($23 with tip) for each haircut every 2 months! That's almost $140 every year! But he did great during his haircut and looked so handsome after! 

We were close to a Starbucks and I had a gift card so I got my first red cup of the year! Since having Sam I always use his name instead of my own. They never spell it wrong! :) 

We got home and got to work on the gardens, had lunch and Sam went down for a nap while Ry and I continued to work outside getting everything ready for winter! 

Ryan also went for a nap and he headed out shortly after supper to have a boys night at the hunt camp! After Sam went down for bed I had a ME night! I love my husband but I do enjoy an evening to myself! I did a face mask, practiced piano, watched a documentary, had dessert and knitted! I really enjoy that quiet time to myself where I can be a little bit selfish! 

When Daddy is away, Mommy dresses Sam in Toronto Maple Leaf PJS! 

Sam and I headed to church and then came back home where Ryan had arrived and my parents joined us for brunch. We all relaxed, Dad helped me with a little piano homework and Sam insisted and playing with Grampa! He was really into jamming out! 

The rest of Sunday was very relaxing. Remembrance Day service and getting ready for the week ahead! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. you sound like an old lady, watching a documentary, dessert and knitting bahaha - I wish I could do something when I had downtime - with Ricky hunting, I have the house and the TV to myself, however usually all three TV's are on stupid kids shows and I find myself sitting alone and they are still playing. I can't put them to bed and watch a movie cuz i'll fall asleep...oh my life :( lol

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend :) I love nights when Brian is out and Amelia has gone to bed...I can watch girly shows and do whatever I feel like. Sam looks so grown up with his hair cut!