Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Monday everyone! We had such a great time as a family this weekend that it was hard to see Sunday end. But I just keep reminding myself of the fun that we had and that I know there will be other awesome weekends ahead! 

The great thing about this weekend was that on Saturday it was Halloween! So our whole weekend revolved around this spooky day. 

It all started on Friday! There was so excitement because not only was it the day before Halloween but it was also party day at daycare! I got some treats prepared for all of his daycare friends and a little "Witches Potion" ready for the amazing provider! 

When I dropped Sam off there was a sense of excitement with the upcoming party! Later in the day I received a text with a picture of Sam and his "Boonana"! 

I was so excited to pick him up and see how the party went! I was told he had a great day and he was in such a happy party mood all day! Here are some of this Halloween crafts! 

That night we had to run a couple of errands and Sam got to go on a short ride on the four wheeler with his Dad! Don't worry, I can walk faster than what Ryan drives when Sam is with him! ha ha! 

Saturday morning we were up early to have breakfast and run a few errands! We crossed a couple more gifts off the Christmas list. I have this fear of Ikea. I hate crowds but we were at the store right when the doors opened and I LOVED it. I loved looking around the displays and Sam loved the play area. Specifically this rocking "moose". We had trouble getting him off of it! ha ha! 

That afternoon while Sam was sleeping we got the final Halloween preparations done. This included finally carving our pumpkin! We attempted to do this with Sam but he was more interested in the knife so we had to wait. 

We woke Sam a little early in order for him to have a snack and then we all got dressed in our Halloween costume! We are pretty much big kids at heart and when Ryan suggested we go as Ghostbusters and Sam as Stay Puft, I was on board! We love having the opportunity to dress up with Sam and hope that he lets us for a few years! ha ha! We already started brainstorming for next year! 

Being that Sam is still so little, we stuck to mostly neighbors and family but this is the loot from 7 houses we did visit! Since I was little and lived a piece away from the village, Dad would drive us to neighbors houses to go trick-or-treating. Because these people wouldn't get many kids they went OVER BOARD with treats and I see this hasn't changed! ha ha! 

Sam went down to sleep with a thud! He was exhausted after a fun night of visits! Ryan and I settled in for a fun supper and a little spooky TV. 

Sunday morning we all slept in and then headed to church! We had a quick lunch with my parents and then both my boys went down for a long afternoon nap. While they snoozed I worked on a couple Christmas gifts, made food for the week and relaxed. 

We enjoyed some play time before supper and Sam must have worked up an appetite! He gobbled down his dinner and then I gave him a pudding that he received on Halloween night. He was in HEAVEN and gobbled it down!  

There was so much time spent with my boys and I had so much fun with them! It was a wonderful Halloween weekend! 

How was your Halloween? 



  1. We just did a few houses too and got a lot of loot...LOL! Holy, Sam got a whole box of pudding lol

  2. Love that the whole weekend was about Halloween!! LOve yOur family costume!! Those are some crazy treats people handed out!!

  3. Absolutely love your family costume! So good. Sam goes to an amazing daycare...looks like they had so much fun!