Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend of Christmas Preparations

Happy Monday! Here are some scenes from the weekend! 

Friday was pretty low key! Pizza supper and Netflix! 

Saturday morning we were all up and headed to the city to run errands! Breakfast at Tims, groceries, glasses fixed and Christmas gift picked up! 

We had a day full of homemade Christmas preparations! Sammy helped as well! We have a few fun Christmas presents to gift this year but they take a lot of work to prepare. We pretty much got 75% of them done on Saturday! 

We had a quiet night in as Ryan needed to be up early as the start of the winter season begins. I actually don't mind Ryan working night shift. Although I don't see him as much, the shift usually works that he see's Sam more. Oh, and I usually get an early morning Tim's on his way back home! :) 

While grocery shopping on Saturday, I decided to was time for me to stop being lazy now that it's a quieter season. I have been buying dinner rolls (6$ from Loblaws!!) instead of making my own! So Sunday morning before Sam even woke up I made 24 dinner rolls ready for suppers this week! So much tastier and CHEAPER! 

I decided to use up some pumpkin that I had in the freezer and made some pumpkin french toast! Usually Ryan or I can keep Sam busy but on Sunday he was so insistent on helping. We really need to get going on his kitchen helper stool soon! He makes me so nervous standing on a chair!  

I headed to church and Ryan and Sam headed to watch some hockey. I was to teach Sunday school and I knew there would be pageant practice so it was best if Sam was busy doing something else. Apparently he loved watching hockey! 

When I got home we enjoyed lunch and when Sam went down for a nap, so did Ryan. While they slept I got to work on some Christmas baking! Yum! 

And also made supper! Pork tenderloin with potatoes, green beans from the garden (frozen from the fall) and homemade buns! 

After supper we got our Christmas tree's put up!! This is a big job and now the fun part, decorating them! Hopefully that happens this weekend. Sam loved to look at the lights! 

It was a pretty quiet weekend but I feel like we got a lot done! I feel like we are ahead of the game in Christmas preparations and that makes me very relieved! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Nice jammies Sam, I think they used to be Tanners and if they are, they probably fit him better than they did Tanner, I found the wrists were really tiny and I felt like they were cutting off Tanner's circulation!

    Lots done this weekend, I have to start Christmas baking!

  2. Were the buns easy? We used to make our own bread loaves but they always went soo much quicker lol what's your recipe? Sounds like a fun filled weekend!!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! Woo hoo for getting most of your Christmas shopping done! I bet it feels so good. Those buns look so good! You should share the recipe :)