Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Maybe, JUST maybe, I don't Hate Snow As Much Anymore

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great week! This is the week that we were "suppose" to finish up some jobs at work before the winter season. Yesterday we got an unexpected snow fall which resulted in work being put on hold for snow work instead! 

I think I've mentioned it a few times before. Winter was my least favorite season and I especially hated snow. I know, I'm Canadian. Aren't I suppose to embrace winter? Sure. But the thing is I don't have good feelings with snow because of the amount of stress it puts on my family. 

While the summer work is busy, it is fairly regular hours and you know what to expect. If you don't get make a turf client happy, for the most part, they will survive and the work will get done eventually. 

Winter and snow removal is a whole other game. It is all hours of the day and sometimes multiple shifts of 24 hours. Not getting out to sand or plow is a big deal. School buses could be delayed and peoples lives could be at stake with a slippery hill that wasn't sanded. Yes, in Canada you would expect people to dress and drive accordingly for the winter weather but in reality they don't. So it's the guys behind the snow plows to try and make winter a little less dangerous for the public. 

Ryan works nights in the winter. So a normal shift is 6 PM to 6 AM (getting home at 7). But on a storm basis, the hours are unknown. Our lives revolve around the weather. Activities are only slightly planned because they could change instantly with the forecast of flurries. Winters are tough but a reality for a seasonal business. 

I think my hatred for winter started on the years that my Dad would miss some special occasions because he had to snow plow. He would do his best to not miss any of the important events but there were still Christmas' where we had to wait on him to finish plowing and concerts where he wasn't present. 

BUT there has been a shift. 

This snow/winter hating girl MAY have been excited for the first snow fall this year. My first thought, Sam was going to get to experience snow! Being able to look at the wonder and magic of a fresh snow fall through a kids eyes is amazing. They don't care about the cold or have any thoughts on shoveling/plowing. Dreams of snow angels, snowmen, sliding, skating and all other fun winter stuff begins dancing through their heads....and mine too! 

I asked Sams daycare provider if possible to send me some photos of my boy outside in the snow. She told me the story of her own daughter watching the snow fall early in the morning and wondering when Elsa was going to show up! SO sweet. 

I was told that Sam was so happy with the snow. He was exploring his footprints and everything outside that was covered by the snow. 

So, as much as a part of me will always have a dislike of winter, I may be changing my tune slightly. Instead I am looking forward to a season of new adventures with Sam and enjoying the winter activities we get to do. To see the magic of the tiniest snowflake through his little eyes. 



  1. Welcome to the Snow Club!! I'm the Club President, always happy to add new members! You might as well get used to it... a snow-lovin' husband AND child now... you have no choice but to give in! ;)

  2. I have not changed my tune... Might even dislike it more because it now takes an extra 30 minutes to get out of the house by the time you get geared up with a toddler haha, not to mention the tantrums getting into said gear! I will say though that they do enjoy it, but it will be a Daddy and Noah thing in our house haha

  3. I just want to say thanks, Lindsay, to you and your family for keeping us safe on the roads. I am not a fan of snow, except when we go out and cut our tree down. You are right, though, the little ones make it magical.