Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Photos 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that the week is going fast and successfully for everyone! 

I was going to wait until after our Christmas cards went out to show you some of our Fall photos but I am just too excited about them! 

For some reason I have become really sentimental about taking family pictures every year. Sam just changes so quickly and I want  photo evidence for this time in our life. I'm hoping it will help me reflect on these days. 

What will I remember about these pictures? 

It was a cold October Day! Bestie Jill had been given a new camera for her birthday and she had been putting it to use with a picture a day project! After spending some time down East with her, I really got to see how talented she has become with her new camera! Her pictures are beautiful! I casually asked that while she was over for our annual scary movie marathon, if she could take a few family photos for us. So often I am the one behind the camera instead of in front of it with my boys! She agreed! 

Sam had just woken from his nap. It was threatening rain and it was super windy, perfect for our movie marathon but not so much for photos! Just as we got dressed, it started to rain! But we figured we'd give it a shot since we had a short window of opportunity with Sam. Let's just say, pictures with a 1.5 year old is HARD! A 1.5 year old does not understand the idea of posing for perfect family photos. He does not smile on command and would rather run for the road where there is oncoming traffic! 

But want to know how I know Jilly is an amazing photographer? She managed to get SO many amazing pictures despite her uncooperative subject(s). 

The little hand resting on mine and looking up at me...excuse me as I melt into a puddle. 

I love this pic. Random but this is what our day looks like EVERY DAY. Hunkered down on the floor playing with Sam, Tucker trying to get attention. 

I MAY had been sweating by the end of our 15 minute photo shoot from trying to wrangle our boy. And a shot like this...

...may not be what is considered "picture perfect" but it totally reflects what our life is like right now! A life that I am competely in love with. I'm going to look back on these photos and remember the crazy, tiring and yet super fun/happy times with our busy 1.5 year old! 

Thank you Jilly



  1. I'm so happy you liked the pictures, despite the weather conditions and a very active little boy! haha! I had fun taking them and was so excited that you even asked me to try. Thank you for the sweet words!! Love you guys!! XO

  2. She did awesome! and the last one makes me giggle

  3. Love these pictures! Your family is adorable :)