Friday, November 20, 2015

Four Funny Things This Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a fairly busy week for me work wise but it's kind of been nice. When things are busy, the days go by quickly. I love being busy and I know that things are going to start going much more slowly once the snow starts flying. 

To say that I am a graceful and elegant person would be a complete lie. I am constantly saying and doing the wrong things. It really isn't purposeful but stay around me for a little bit in a public setting and I am sure to embarrass myself somehow for your entertainment. But I also know that I don't take life too seriously. I really don't! And it's kind of nice! I am always laughing at some crazy and stupid thing. And here is the latest things! 

1. I keeled over laughing and declared to Ryan that I had found him the PERFECT Christmas gift! While browsing through the latest Sears catalog and saw this manly nightgown. Nothing screams "sexy" more than a man in a full on nightie. Don't get me wrong, I love a good nightie but on my man? No thanks! But I really wasn't kidding when I told Ryan I was getting it for him! :) It is totally worth the $24 for the laugh when he opens it! Oh and the disturbing part, there are select colors that are out of stock!! That means that there are people in this world either A. buying them for real or B. buying them for a joke! Let's all hope it's B!    

Please tell me I am not the only person who would laugh their head if their man came to bed wearing this! 

2. I'm going grey! I've noticed it for a while, the inevitable is happening. I'm going grey. My thin locks are starting to shoot random strands of very white hair. But no, these aren't nice smooth straight pieces of hair. They are stringy and wiry! I'm cheap. We all know that and I do not want to spend a pile of extra money covering these grey hairs so I am holding off for as long as possible! But it must be starting to get really noticeable. I was getting my 6 month hair trim yesterday and my hairdresser said two things to me. 1. She now does extensions which would make my thin hair so much thicker and 2. when do I want to start covering up the grey's that are multiplying rapidly. 
My response, well I guess I'll just have to start channeling my inner Rogue. She had no idea what I was talking about. #nerdalert
My cheap ass high tailed it out of there with my newly trimmed thin and grey hair before she could talk me into it! 

3. I'm not sure if I ever shared this story with you all but I am reminded of it all the time. Jill and I went to a wake for an important community member. We went through the long line up of family and had finally arrived at the last person, a son right before the casket. As I was shaking this gentleman's hand and offering my condolences, he thanked me for coming. And do you know what I said....? 
"No, thank you". 
He looked looked at little shocked but I just turned sharply and left. 

4. I've mentioned before that I am so glad I am no longer nursing. It was a great 12+ months but my life feels so much more free! When you have a hungry baby, you have no choice but to feed him where ever you may be. And sometimes, that would be in a restaurant! This one time Ryan and I were in the city for an breakfast out. Sam was very tiny and was eating often. Just as our food arrived Sam got hungry and I had to nurse him (with a cover) while trying to eat one handed (I've perfected this). While all of us, Sam included, were enjoying our meal a middle aged man came over to our table. He looks at me and says, "Could I borrow some milk?" 

I shoot him a weird look and say, "Umm...I'm son needs it right now." 

He gave me a grossed out look and reached over to grab some creamer packages for his coffee from our table. I laughed it off and proceeded to hide under our table. Ugh! 

Please tell me I'm not alone!! 

Have a great weekend! 



  1. I love the wake story bahaha, I may have heard it numerous times but I laugh everytime, I can hear the, THANK YOU and in my mind, I insert a wink after bahaha!
    Happy Friday!

  2. I wish I could be there when Ryan opens his nightie on Christmas morning! LOL!!
    And yes, the wake story is one of my all-time favourites. I can still hear you saying it and then me trying to bail before I burst out laughing right in front of a grieving family... it was a special moment lol!!!

  3. Haha oh man, that man nightie is so, so funny!

  4. Can you hear me laughing my head off, Lindsay????? Love the wake story, but now of course I am dying of curiosity, wanting to know whose wake it was!!!!!