Monday, November 16, 2015

Fun Date Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! Has the weekend just flown by or is it just me? Ugh! Another week of somewhat beautiful weather! I am really enjoying the nice warmish Fall weather we are getting this November! I just hate being cold and this is ideal! 

A while back, my MIL sent me a message saying that I should pick a weekend that suits so that Sam could go there for a sleep over and Ryan and I could go on a date. As you can imagine, I hesitated....HA HA HA HA NOT! I believed I started mentally preparing for our date that day! The weekend was finally here! 

A good way to start the weekend? Brazilian carrot cake brought home from daycare!! So yummy! 

Friday evening Sam was surprisingly in a great mood! And we gave him a quick supper and played a lot before bed. Ryan got Sam ready for bed and I got ready for guests who were coming over for supper! We had a great visit and fun (sequence) with Amanda and Josh! We headed to bed right away to rest up for the busy Saturday. 

I was up early to get Sam packed and to enjoy the paper and coffee in peace. I am not a fan of cold coffee. I need to be able to focus to enjoy my morning coffee. I purposely get up super early even on the weekends just so I can have that peaceful time! 

Shortly after breakfast, Ryan went to drop Sam off at his parents and to practice my piano homework for the week since I knew it would be my only chance that day. At 9, Ryan got back and washed my car and I headed to the Onslow school craft sale! A really popular event in our community that helps to raise funds for our little rural school. That is the school that we hope to send Sam to one day and we try to support all the events. 

As soon as I got home, we headed to the city for our first stop, Ikea! I had a couple more things to get and I did not enjoy this visit as much as the last. I hate crowds and I was beginning to feel panicky about half way through. We got what we needed and booted out of there. 

We got lots of our Christmas shopping DONE as well as errands that we have been putting off. We had a yummy lunch with a lot of hangman while waiting for food. 

We decided on a late afternoon movie. We saw the newest James Bond movie! It was really good!

It's amazing how much you can get done in one day when we don't have Sam to buckle in and out of a car seat! Thank you to my wonderful MIL for giving us this day! 

Sunday morning it was weird to get up a little late and not have to rush through morning time. Ryan went and got Sam while I relaxed and cleaned up around the house. I got ready for church and headed to my parents house so my Dad could help me with some piano. I heard Sam had a great time at Nana and Poppa's. He has been saying their names over and over since he got back. 

I actually headed to church with my parents and Ryan and Sam met us there after Sam's morning nap. I needed church this week. With all the recent events surrounding Paris I was beginning to keep myself weighed down by the realities of it. But after worshiping on Sunday, I feel so much more at peace. I spent the afternoon counting my blessings rather than thinking about this scary time in our history. 

We joined my parents after church for lunch to celebrate my Dad's birthday! Sam was getting played out and was fast asleep as soon as we got home! While he napped I made suppers for the week, did laundry and STARTED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I was am so excited to be starting the decorating early. Just another step in making this season as stress free as possible. 

How was your weekend? 



  1. i think you have started Christmas shopping a while must mean Christmas decorating bahaha - I can tell how excited you are haha!

  2. That's awesome that you guys were able to have a whole day to yourselves and were able to go have a wonderful date! It makes me wish our families were closer to us

  3. Thanks for your comments about church, Lindsay. I needed it too, and felt much better after worshipping. I thought the music was fabulous.....and it gave me a lot of comfort. Glad you and Ryan had a bit of time to yourselves. Sam sure is cute! I love how he knows the church routine.