Monday, May 16, 2016

A Few Scenes From Our Weekend

Hello from this beautiful NOVEMBER day! UGH! What the heck mother nature? Where's the warm Spring days? It's hard to get motivated to work outside when the weather has been so gross. On the weekend it varied from misty rain to down pour in the matter of minutes. Then it would get sunny but the wind would be chilly. 

But we have things to do around the outside of our home! Things we want done before summer starts so that we can actually enjoy it! And I want the weather to co-operate so that I don't have to wear my snowsuit while doing the work! 

I was off of work on Friday like you read. Sam and I had snuggles at home and eventually his fever disappeared and he started being more like himself. Except that he had no interest in food and still had a runny nose. 

Ryan got done work early because of the rain. We were getting a little cabin fever so we decided to pack up and head to the city with Ryan! Ryan has been really wanting a new bike and we decided to bite the bullet and he bought one. 

We also stopped at Wendy's for supper. I did  not feel like a burger and fries so tried their new Mediterranean chicken salad! YUM! A new favorite!  

Sam FINALLY ate a few fries after 2 days of no food. 

We stopped at Home Depot for some reno supplies! Love going there because Sam loves the cart! We can take our time because he is so entertained. 

Saturday was dreary day and I didn't have to work! We had breakfast and then went outside to start some construction. We are making the pool bathroom a little nicer. A floor and some walls basically. From studs and plywood floor! Sam was right into helping! 

My Dad was there helping so three men in one small bathroom was getting tight so I took Sam for a while to a garage sale in town! It was difficult to look at stuff and carrying my 30+ pound boy around. 

We did score some nice items! One is Sams new "hackey" set which is aka: a golf set! He has been playing with them all weekend!! This boy loves his sports! 

I knew I had to get ready for a wedding and was a little stressed and worried about time while dealing with a grumpy toddler. My Mom came to the rescue and after talking to me for only 5 minutes realized I'd need an extra hand. She game and got Sam early so that he could nap at their place and I could get ready for the wedding! It was nice to get ready leisurely and not worry about Ryan or I waking Sam. 

Despite the yucky weather, friends Phil and Alina had a BEAUTIFUL wedding full of charm and homemade touches. The food was amazing and the party was of course loads of fun! Ryan's group of friends always do this "challenge" at each others wedding and it is always my favorite part. I am pretty lucky to have married a man who has an amazing extended group of friends! 

The midnight lunch was poutine and beavertails!! WOW! 

We got home shortly after 1 am! As in a were 4 hours prior to when I normally get up! UGH! Sunday was rough but thankfully with a cold and cloudy day, I opted out of outdoor work for netflix and a nap! Heavenly! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. Haha! And there's Casey! Haha! Hope Sam's feeling better!