Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A REALLY Long Weekend

Happy Wednesday, friends! Here in Canada, this passed weekend marked the first long weekend of the "summer" season. We had BIG plans for this weekend. Lots to accomplish off of our check list and we were very excited for it to arrive. 

And then on Wednesday morning as I was dropping Sam off at daycare, he threw up. And he continued to be sick every 15-20 minutes for 5 hours straight. It was a rough day for my boy and he was exhausted. But I was glad to be able to be home with him to provide him with lots of love. 

By bedtime, he was no longer being sick but was still very tired and went to bed with a thud! 

Thursday morning he had a quick sprint of energy and then crashed for the rest of the morning! He was still re-cooperating. 

By that afternoon he was feeling and looking so much better! No flu symptoms and he had a blast playing before napping great that afternoon! He ate a good supper and the rest of the evening was wonderful. 

Unfortunately for me, Friday I had caught the illness and I was down and out! Thankfully, Ryan never caught it. It has been a rough Spring in our household with sickness and I hope now that it has passed and we enjoy the rest of our summer, germ free! 

Saturday everyone was on the mend but I didn't go to work as I was still pretty weak. Ryan took Sam to run some errands and I rested. 

By the afternoon, I was feeling a lot better and was able to go outside with Sam and rock while he played away! By that evening I was 100% better and ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

Sunday morning I didn't set my alarm but my body still told me it was time to wake up at 4:30! So I got up and enjoyed a couple coffees in another of my happy places, our screened porch! It was a little chilly but as I wrapped up in the blanket I enjoyed the sounds and scenes of the early morning. 

The boys got up, we had a quick breakfast and decided to make a run to a local greenhouse before church! It was a great stop and I got the rest of the stuff I needed for this year! I loved walking around the greenhouse and could have spend hours there. 

We headed to church, had a delicious brunch and visit with my parents and then headed home to put Sam down for nap. As he snoozed away, my dad and Ryan continued on the outdoor bathroom reno and I planted away! 

Eventually, Sam got up and he helped me finish and I made supper for him while Ryan continued working. By bed time, I put Sam down and was going to start supper for Ryan and I, but we decided we just weren't hungry. Instead we settled in for a movie on Netflix and snacks. 

Monday, A DAY OFF! I was SO excited for this day! We were going to be at home together, getting work done around our home. Sam was in great spirits on Monday and we had so much fun outside and inside! 

The only bad problem about this weekend? The bugs! I loved the heat but the blackflies were sometimes unbearable. 

I got the rest of my planting done too! We are extending our veggie garden this year to include some fun items like watermelon and giant pumpkin. 

So although the start of our long weekend wasn't that great, we ended up with one heck of a good long weekend! We were so tired when it was over from all the work that we got done but it wait until you see the final results of the new bathroom! It is beautiful and a perfect addition to our outdoor oasis. 

How was your long weekend? 



  1. OOF so glad you guys are feeling better! We got the stomach bug a couple months ago and it was TERRIBLE!

  2. Oh man, hope you guys are feeling better! I had the flu last week too and it came out of no where and knocked me right out! Luckily, neither Amelia or Brian has caught it. I need to pick up some flowers still- want to come do it for me as yours look nice!

  3. Glad you are all feeling better. I loved having a day off on Monday. I am still planting my flowers and veggies!