Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Happy Monday! And happy belated Mother's Day to all the other Mom's out there! I hope that your families showed their appreciation for all that you do! 

The weekend started out with hanging out with my boy! Daddy was gone to the camp for a bachelor party! When I picked up Sam, he walked over with a gift for me! I had tears in my eyes seeing him give it to me himself! Inside was a bunch of homemade keepsakes and goodies for me! 

We had some leftovers for supper and then went out to enjoy the day. Sam is officially obsessed with being outside! I don't think he has touched his inside toys for weeks! But we had fun exploring the farm. He wanted to climb up every piece of equipment. 

I gave Sam a bath and he headed to bed. For the first time in a long time, I took a long bubble bath! It felt wonderful. I also made a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed some Netflix! I am right into House of Cards right now! It's almost at that addicted stage. 

Saturday morning I was up early for work. I picked up the babysitter and left to work across the road. It was a busy day with lots of customers and phone calls! Which was nice because it made the day pass quickly! 

Ryan got home and took the babysitter home and gave Sam lunch. I ran to Walmart and did the pick up grocery service for the second time. It was amazing! I also went and picked up my Mom and cousin Barb from the airport! 

I dropped the girls off and loaded up with Sam and Ryan for a special mission. For Daycare appreciation day, we set up a special surprise! Nana (what we lovingly call her) has been asking about a veggie garden for a while! Ryan went to work on making the boxes and we installed them on Saturday! It was so fun being able to surprise her. And show a little appreciation for all that she does for us and for Sam! 

We actually ended up staying for supper and visit! We had a great time and Sam enjoyed playing his heart out! We all slept so well! 

Sunday morning, Mother's day! The day where I could sleep in if I wanted to. But I hate sleeping in! So I did what I love most! Get up, drink coffee in peace and made some homemade cinnamon buns! It was the perfect morning just lounging around! 

The boys eventually got up and we had breakfast together! Then they took me outside for my surprise! My new swing! I am so excited to get this out by Sam's new play structure (if it ever gets put together!)! I can see me sitting, swinging, sipping wine and enjoying the summer evenings! 

We got ready for church, headed to my parents for a quick visit with the family and then to church! It was a great service and Ryan went downstairs with Sam so I could enjoy the sermon! A great relaxing time to reflect. 

Sam gave me a cute Sunday School card and beautiful flowers! Ryan made us a quick lunch and Sam went down for a nap. It was kind of a rainy and cold day which was GREAT! It meant that I was forced to relax instead of going outside and working at projects! I got all the meals prepped for the coming week, napped, watched Netflix and knitted! It was perfect! 

Sam woke up, we played and made BBQ hamburgers for supper. It was time to get ready for bed and Sam loves to sit on his potty right now but doesn't actually "use it". I guess it's a start! ha ha! 

Ryan actually did all the "hard" work at getting Sam ready for bed. Bath and dressed! And I did the best part, snuggles and bed time story! 

My boys gave me a great Mother's day! Ryan really stepped up and took charge so that I could spend the day just being with them and relaxing! They made me feel so loved and appreciated! But really I feel thankful to be given the wonderful gift of being a Mom! 



  1. Sweet, lovely post. Happy Mother;s Day.

  2. Love your swing, Sam looks so cute sitting on his potty.Glad you had a good Mother's Day xo