Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Happiness

Happy Friday everyone! How can you not be happy with the beautiful weather this week? With the upcoming weekend ahead and a full week of no more sickness! It really has been a great week! One that has flown by.

So why do I seem so joyous? Because there were some other forces trying to make me feel not so happy this week. People who would rather live a negative life and try to tear others down to make themselves feel more important.

And to them, I stick up my middle finger and look in the other direction. Because what they don't realize, I actually do not care about what they think about me. They don't realize I have some of the best family and friends that any one could hope for. And I am so incredibly blessed!

This particular Friday I wanted to point out some of the things that are making me extra happy!

1. My garden! I am so excited to have my garden planted again this year. I love going and taking a quick look every day anticipating some of my seedlings germinating. The little flowers on my cherry tomato plant represent the upcoming harvest! It makes me giggle at the thought of Sam picking and eating all the cherry tomatoes right off the plant last year!

2. Friday lunches are here and I love it. In the winter, I sneak away and enjoy lunch at home. In the busier months, I pack a lunch every day. But on Fridays I get a break and do a special lunch on Fridays! This could consist of take out or homemade treats! Today we are having subs! Someone picks up the ingredients and we make our own subs. It's a nice treat for hot day! Next week we are bringing a BBQ over and having hot dogs! It just makes Friday that much better!

3. While I am skeptical about getting our outdoor space finished anytime soon, I am very impressed with the outdoor bathroom! It is SO beautiful and ended up way nicer then I anticipated! This weekend the final touches are happening like decorating.

A before pic! 

4. The pool is officially ready!! In between working outside and golf tournament, we hope to take Sam for his first swim of 2016! Last year he hated it but I am hoping we can slowly get him into swimming this year. I know that if he doesn't like year, it will only get better and better as the time passes. Looking forward to summer days by the pool!

5. The days are long but the weeks are short. That's what I tell myself in the busy season. Every morning I make a do-to list. Most of the time, I don't cross anything off. They are things that will eventually will get done but as the day progresses, things pop up that need to be dealt with instead. When things are crazy busy, I count my blessings with every little bit of stress it causes. It means the business is active, thriving and growing!

6. This weekend is Canada Day Golf Tournament. A golf tournament organized to help raise money so that Quyon can have their own fireworks and party for Canada Day. Without the participation in these events, our little town wouldn't have any Canada Day festivities. The thing is, it's never a struggle to get people to help with the fundraising. We live in one awesome and spirited town! 

I wish you all a happy and fun weekend! 


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  1. What a fun idea to do that on Friday's! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)