Monday, May 30, 2016

Canada Day Golf Tournament 2016

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend! I am having trouble waking up and I've been awake for 4 hours! But it was a jam packed weekend with little sleep but it was so fun! 

We kicked off the weekend by having ice cream for supper! It had been a sticky and hot day so after a quick left over supper for Sam, we headed out and met Auntie Jilly for ice cream! Which turned out to be my supper! ha ha! Sam LOVES ice cream and was pretty excited! He easily gobbled it all up! Love a good ice cream date! 

Sam and I hung out and then he went down. Ryan finally got home and then headed to town to help with set up for the golf tournament. And I began the process off making 300 jello shooters! Which I think is deemed my job now! Which I don't mind actually, I've gotten to learn a pretty good system. I can whip up 300 jello shooters in about 1 hour. 

Saturday was golf tournament day! This annual event is the high light of the year for many people! I headed to work for a couple hours before heading out to drop Sam off with his Nana and Poppa and then heading to the golf course! It was a VERY hot day but every one still came out and had a blast! 

That evening we had the delicious steak dinner and our poor cooks got soaked with a huge rain shower came around. The evening everyone danced the night away! It was lots of fun! 

My only picture, the ticket table! ha ha! 

Sunday morning we were up early and got the house straightened out before heading to go pick up our boy! We grabbed groceries with Sam and then headed to the hall to begin the pick up process. It's usually the part that is dreaded but nearly everyone was there to help and many hands made light work! These fundraisers are a lot of work but it is ALL worth it when on June 30th, the fireworks go off in Quyon in celebration of Canada Day! Our community does such a great job of coming together to help with organizing and participating in these events to ensure that we can have a great Canada Day celebration! 

Sam went down for a short afternoon sleep while Ryan and my Dad worked away at the final outdoor bathroom touches. I worked away at my garden and edging all the flower beds!

Sam woke up and we relaxed inside for a bit. While he watched some Wiggles, I made a double go of BBQ sauce. We eventually headed outside where I got his water table ready. When Dad and Ryan were done, we all got into our swim suits and headed in for the first swim of 2016!! Sam is still a little scared and preferred to play on the steps. But he had a blast on the steps and didn't want to get out! 

After Sam went to bed, Ryan and I did our May date! A "Keg" inspired meal to celebrate our anniversary! It was delicious! 

Our "we are so tired and dirty from working but are going to have a date anyways" selfie! 


How was your weekend? 



  1. Supper looks yummy...any ranch on that baked potato?? lol

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad the golf tournament went well :)