Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekend Starts Now!

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I'm not going to work. And yesterday I didn't go to work. I have a sick little man on my hands who needs his Momma and so work from home I am doing! I feel so bad for Sam because he has just gotten over a nasty cold two weeks ago and is knocked down again. I have no choice but to be home with him as Ryan is busy running the roads now that sod season has started! 

That's right! Sod season is here! There is something so exciting when we start "officially" shipping turf. The days are SHORT as there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done! But such is May! For now, enjoying the fast pace. 

One key tool for the farm, COFFEE! Our coffee maker was over 10 years old and was making some NASTY coffee. So, we splurged on a new one! I had to go over in my PJS to have a cup before Sam got up (Ryan was still home). It was worth it and it is going to be so nice to have good coffee at work now! 

I had a big report due today (just sent it 10 mins ago, woo hoo!) that I NEEDED to work on yesterday afternoon after Sam went down for a nap. My body was screaming at me to sleep but I set up shop in my living room and typed away for 1.5 hours straight. It felt so good to send it this morning and so glad I was able to do it from home. I am reminded in moments like that I am so lucky for my career. As an owner, I always feel guilty when I have to stay home with Sam but I am lucky I can do what I need to at home. So I can be a Mom and a business owner at the same time. 

With May being as crazy as it is, Ryan and I are also trying to work away at getting the new play area ready. We have been puttering away every night at little projects but no end is in sight yet. It's a little difficult to try to stay motivated as it is just the two of us. But with each check mark off of the list, we feel proud. We made little stepping stones for a walkway between the playhouse and the play structure ourselves using a log and some spray paint! They turned out SO cute! 

Yesterday Ryan and I celebrated 4 years married. Our dinner plans got postponed because of Sam getting sick but we still went out for ice cream, made a special meal after Sam went to bed and took our annual photo! Overall, it was still a great anniversary and as we took turns cuddling our sick boy last night, I was reminded by how true it is that we are partners and there is no one else I'd want to do life with! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 



  1. I know you never want to see your little one get sick, but man, Sam has good timing. Perfect rainy, dreary morning for cuddles and cartoons! Hope he's feeling better soon. :)

  2. Poor Sam :( Rylie is pushing her incisors through so she's been a bear this week.
    Happy Anniversary xoxo

  3. Poor Sam...hope he perks up and is better this weekend, although I am agreeing with Jill - it sounds like a gloomy weekend!

  4. Love Sams Jays hat! Where from? Hope he feels better soon! I hear ya on the spring rush! We let Noah stay up late last night for some Daddy time!! Can't wait to see see the play area!!!

  5. Glad Sam is feeling better. I love that he said my name at church yesterday. My heart melted. <3