Monday, December 14, 2009

Dare #12

Today is DECEMBER 14th...OMG! 10 days till Christmas! I don't know about all of you but last week I thought I was thinking pretty highly of myself. I had bought and wrapped all the presents which are sitting underneath my decorated Christmas tree. The baking was finished and I thought all I had left to do was wait for St.Nick. Now at the beginning of this week I still feel like I have more to do. I need to get all the food for Christmas dinners, make my pies, get a couple more smaller gifts and of course there will be last minute cleaning to do being that Christmas dinner with my family is at my house this year. Aghhh!

Here is your dare this week:
Dare #12

Send a Christmas card to someone who least expects it. Maybe an old friend or neighbour. Someone who is not on your recipients list for Christmas cards.

Last weeks dare should have been completed by everyone being the we got a dumping of snow on Wednesday. Ryan lucked out and was not the victim to my snowball. I had visited the shop guys on Wednesday because one of them had made a special treat for everyone to try. I went back to the office and bragged to Jill and Mom how good it was and the three of us went back together for a sample. After our snack we were all leaving and Jill stepped out in front of me to in the direction of the office. I knew right away that this was my opportunity. I quickly bent down and formed a snowball. Just when I was pulling my arm back to shoot she looked back but it was too late, my snow ball landed on Jill's back. It was great fun playing and running in the snow, I felt like a kid again.


  1. I did my dare, well I played in the snow with Maddy yseterday - and shovelled my walkway. This new dare, I have already completed...I did up my christmas cards this weekend and are putting them in the mail today and i always think of Sue Rupert as an old friend - I send her a christmas card every year!

  2. Yep. The lucky recipient of the snowball. Oh joy. ;)

    I got both Ricky & Brenda on Saturday night at the parade, played with Maddy & Caden in the snow...and I do believe you got a return snowball from me once we got in the office (after I caught up to you)

    As for Christmas cards - I already sent mine, so hopefully somebody received their card "unexpectedly" haha!!!

  3. ha ha ha! Sorry Jill about the snowball!

    Sue Rupert is a great idea Stac!