Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gingerbread House

Above is a picture of mine and Ryan's Christmas gingerbread house. Aren't we talented? Ha ha. Sometimes on the weekends Ryan and I find ourselves looking for something to do. We had finished all of our Christmas shopping, done decorating, no house work and nothing was on T.V. We had picked up a gingerbread house kit a while back thinking that we might like to do one. However, it sat in the cupboard for about two weeks while we completed other "Pre-Christmas" activities.

Finally, last weekend we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs and decided to take out the box and start making our gingerbread house. We went at it thinking that it was going to be simple. WERE WE EVER WRONG!!! Neither of our hands were small enough to get at the windows and someone kept eating all of our decorating candy! At the end though it had four walls and a roof so our ginger people will be warm for the winter. :-)

Maybe with some practice our house next year will look like this :-)

Did you know.....

Ginger is a spice from Indo-Malaysia and not only tasty, but good for upset stomachs. Cakes, cookies, and candies made use of this spice for several thousand years. All types of gingerbread became popular in Europe, but tradition says the idea of a gingerbread house came from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers.
This charming story about a brother and sister getting lost in the woods and finding a gingerbread house trimmed with candy caught the fancy of bakers everywhere. From that point on, these houses became traditions of Christmas.


  1. i am going to go and pick up a kit for maddy and i to do - can you imagine what it will look like...haha - I'll take pics!
    i would love to have the talent to make really nice, homemade ones. There is a show on Food Network - its like 5 chefs and its a competition, they have a certain amount of time to make a Gingerbread house - can't remember some of the themes now but pretty cool stuff!

  2. For sure!! I want to see the pics! Im sure that your candy will start to disappear like mine did! ha ha

    You and your food network shows..ha ha! That would be an awesome competition to see though. I don't know how they ever have the patience to do something like that.

  3. I'm going to get one to make also - I LOVE doing Gingerbread Houses...or at least the idea of it (sometimes I get prettty frustrated! lol)

    Last year I made one with Caden, and it was decided unedible, after he licked pretty much every piece of candy on it! haha!!!