Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye Dear Friend...

Today is a sad day for my family and I. Today marks 3 years since my grandpa Hamilton has passed. Now today will mark another sad event in our lives.

This is Jake. A 14 year old golden retriever who came into our family. He was a birthday gift to my brother but little did everyone know how important this little puppy would be.

He was the runt of the litter and I remember the first night that he was with us. He must have been scared because all he did was cry all night long. I think my parents thought that becuase he was the runt of the litter that he would be a smaller adult but they were very wrong. Quickly Jake grew to be a very big dog.

Jake loved to eat. He would eat anything. In his puppy years he ate our neighbors Christmas lights, Toby's (employee of the farm) new helmet, numerous bowls that kept his food and many pesky groundhogs that dug up the field. Although he was a troublesome puppy he grew into a wise dog.

Travelling from home to work requires one to walk across the road. On Jake's way to work he would stop at the end of the walkway and look both ways before crossing the road. He knew what time the guys at the shop took break and would always make sure he was there to get their scraps. He had 400 acres to run around on, and his very own swimming pond but his most favorite thing to do was go on the harvester with Jared to go cut sod. He was a part of the team here at Mountainview.

Once Jake got a little older he started spending the cold winter nights in the house on his own blanket. On many Christmas' we would look up the stairs from the basement where we were opening presents and see him laying down at the top very content.

Today Jake needed to be put down. He wasn't able to walk or eat anymore. It makes today a sad day but he was a great companion to my family and everyone here on the farm. His presence will be missed.

Goodbye dear friend....



  1. Well, there, now you've gone & made me cry again!

    I'm not a dog person, but it was impossible to not love Jake. He will definitely be missed around here, by everyone.


  2. OMG - i seriously thought it was because it was Grandpa Hamiltons anniversary of his death...well the way I look at it Linds...Jake was a tough cookie, he had many chances of near death but always came back - its better now...he was older and I am sure no one wanted to see him suffer!
    R.I.P Jake - you will be forever remembered in my family...haha seeing how my dad almost killed him once by running him over!