Monday, October 15, 2012

Fighting A Cold and Birthday Festivities


Welcome back to the regular scheduled work week!! I wish I could say that I truly enjoyed every bit of this weekend but when you are fighting a cold and feeling pretty nasty, it’s hard to keep the party hat on.

Friday afternoon, everyone at the office spoiled me rotten with special treats and a special birthday lunch! We had nacho dip, tortilla wraps, tacos and yummy cake!


Friday night was the night that my parents, Ryan and I were going to go to the city to eat at The Prescott. Unfortunately, plans changed and instead Ryan bought pizza, we watched T.V and were in bed doped up with Nyquil by 8 PM. Exciting….ha ha!

Saturday morning Ryan and I had to get up in order for Ryan’s birthday plan to be successful!

We headed to the city for a morning of shopping downtown at the Rideau Centre. Where my husband spoiled me by buying me whatever I wanted. 3 pairs of jeans and 4 shirts later, my winter wardrobe is all set!

After a quick bite to eat at the food court, we headed to M.A.C where I had a personalized makeup lesson!

I had been wanting to graduate from high school makeup/skin care to somewhat of a more adult routine. I was a little worried as I watched all the FULL caked on makeup faces around me. However, my wonderful instructor listened really well to me when I said I wanted something quick and natural that I could recreate on a regular day.





With new makeup and a fresh face we headed out for supper at one of my favorite places, The Keg!


A steak dinner was just what the doctor had ordered as we headed home and literally crawled into bed, again doped on Nyquil, at 7:30!! We were really hoping to sleep off our colds.

Both of us still feeling pretty down on Sunday morning I opted out of church and Ryan headed to hockey. After I finally got up, I practiced my new makeup routine, slipped on a brand new outfit, and headed to Mom and Dad’s for a birthday breakfast.


We chatted over bacon and eggs and then sat by the fire to visit.

Ryan and I headed home to relax by the T.V and do laundry around the house. We snacked on the most flavor filled ketchup chips ever and watched The Proposal.


Finally, again, we crawled into bed early with cold medicine in hand hoping for relieved symptoms for the upcoming week.

I had a great weekend, despite being sick, spending time with Ryan and family celebrating getting older!

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go take some more medicine…*Achoo*



  1. Wow, the makeup looks amazing!! Can you just walk into MAC or do you have to make an appointment?

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm not sure if you HAVE to make an appointment but Ryan did make one for me being that it was Saturday and would likely be pretty busy. It was a pretty neat experience because the girl would do half my face and then assist me in doing the other half so I could learn to do it on my own. xo

  2. Glad you had a good weekend even though you weren't feeling that great! Hope you guys feel better today!

  3. Hopefully you're feeling better for pizza party on Friday!! :)

    And...keep your germs on your side of the office!!! ;)


  4. Ha, ha, so now I know who Jillian is referring to in her blog. Hope your cold is gone soon. Sounds like there weren't too many at church, lol! We all need a Sunday off now and then!