Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!


Happy Tuesday everyone! Gosh, it feels so refreshing having that extra day to do as you please! Why can’t every week have a 3 day weekend attached?

The weekend started out with a quiet Friday night doing food preparation work for the coming thanksgiving feasts!

Saturday morning while Ryan and my brother were gone to compete in their first duathlon I sat out on the porch with my Keurig coffee (love!) and watched the turkey’s cross the laneway! It really felt like thanksgiving watching them!

Thanksgiving 004

Once the boys were back from their race, we got ready and headed over to my parents house for a thanksgiving lunch/dinner.

Thanksgiving 013

The boys and their metals!

Of course I couldn’t help but take pictures of these 2 cuties! Faith and Clark! They make the best models!

Thanksgiving 017

Thanksgiving 024

Thanksgiving 007

The whole family

Thanksgiving 014

The table was set and we all sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal together!

Thanksgiving 019

We were all pretty much in a turkey coma afterwards so we just sat, visited and played with the kids! It was a great time having the whole family together!

Thanksgiving 034

Thanksgiving 044

Sunday morning I decided to walk to church so that I could take a picture of the leaves while they are still on the trees. It’s a nice 10-15 minute walk to church and I love getting the extra fresh air.

Thanksgiving 049

Thanksgiving 048

After church, Ryan and I took a quick nap and then got ready and headed to his parents house for thanksgiving dinner!

I was amazed the first time I met Ryan’s family. They were so welcoming and still continue to be! It was great sitting, chatting and laughing with all the family!

Thanksgiving 052

Thanksgiving 053

Of course we had an amazing turkey dinner (as usual with Bev cooking!) and afterwards I was surprised with a birthday cake! Of course, as I am usually behind the camera, once I passed it to my husband this is the BEST picture he got…geez!

Thanksgiving 057

So, here is Ryan’s step brother, Kyle with his birthday cake! His birthday was on Sunday!

Thanksgiving 058

Monday morning Ryan headed off to go golfing and I got ready to head for lunch with Jilly and then off to a movie. We were originally suppose to see Trouble With The Curve. A baseball movie.

trouble with the curve

Well, not really knowing the name of movie, I looked up movie times thinking it was called Pitch Perfect. Woops!

But, it really turned out for the best because we both ended up LOVING Perfect Pitch. It was the “perfect” holiday Monday movie!

How was your weekend?



  1. loving the family picture...except Tucker is missing so I am assuming he took the picture LOL!!

    Did you mention that you walk to church but usually don't walk back - haha!!

  2. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend! Haha the picture of the boys makes me laugh...they didn't do the duathlon in their jeans did they?! I've confused both of those movies before and want to see both!

  3. OH wow you have gorgeous trees this time of year. Ours are just starting to change here. What is a duathlon?

  4. Funny, Stacy, ratting your cousin out! I love the turkey picture, Lindsay, they must have been running away from your family's table! It was a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks for helping with Communion.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was a great time! I can't wait for ours, but I have another month and a half until then. BOO! P.S. I love the red sweater with the belt! SO cute!