Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reception – Part 4


I had this post all ready to go for yesterday and then the internet went down! Talk about pain in the butt! No internet ALL day yesterday! But here is yesterdays post! ________________________________________

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s kind of feeling like a fuzzy week. One that you want to just get over with. At least it’s hump day and the weekend is just over the horizon!

I can’t believe that my wedding recaps are almost done. Looking through the pictures every week, it’s hard to believe that the wedding was over 5 months ago. It seems like it’s gone by in lightening speed!

One of my favorite moments from the wedding reception was a game that we arranged with the D.J. It was pass the potato but with napkins.



The last one holding the napkin then had to proceed to the dance floor to claim their prize. Not without doing the chicken dance first!



After more dancing and passing it was finally decided who the winner was. The winner got to take home the centerpiece!


My parents were up next for some of the final speeches of the evening. First up my mother.



And then my Dad!


Who presented Ryan with a new golfing hat and windbreaker!



The new hat and windbreaker also went with his new set of custom fitted golf clubs! A wedding gift from my parents to Ryan! He was so excited and has loved using them this summer.


Happy Wednesday!



  1. Love the recaps! I'm in denial about mine! Haha. I don't want them to be over! Although... when you are done with wedding posts you could start with baby posts ;) haha

  2. I think I've said this before, but I really need to learn how to laugh more daintily...that head thrown back-mouth wide open - hee haw that I'm doing is soooo unattractive. lol

    I loved the game, the chicken dance was hilarious!! They all got so "into" it!!