Friday, October 12, 2012

The Big 2-5 !!!


Happy Friday everyone! Gosh, I’m glad to see this week come to an end! Although, I wasn’t wishing the week away because something special was happening on Friday…

My 25th Birthday!

 25 birthday

Birthday cake on Wednesday at Amanda and Josh’s. Who are home for good from Calgary! Woo Hoo! Take about an amazing birthday gift! Having one of your best friends home and living right down the road from you!

The number 25 kind of scared me. It’s the number I always referred to as a kid…I’d spend time thinking about where I would be in life on my 25th birthday.

Thinking back to being a young teenager, I always though I’d be out of this small town and in the big city and making big bucks!

In reality, when trying out the big city life, I realized it’s not the life for me.

Ryan knows that I have been stressing a little about being 25 and asked me this morning, “So, how does 25 feel so far?”

My response?

“Pretty good. Besides this darn cold I don’t have much to complain about. I have a husband who loves me, a special puppy (I had just opened Tuckers gift to me. Sirius Satellite Radio, Thanks Tucker!), a roof over my head, heading to a job I love, an amazing family (on both sides) and amazing friends! What else could a 25 year old ask for?”

His reply, “True. All good things. But, you are still getting old! ha ha!”

Thanks for rubbing it in Hun! ;-)

I remember being a kid and thinking 25 was SOOOO old. When in reality, it’s not that bad. When you finally get to the age that you once considered “old” it doesn’t seem as ancient.

So, this weekend, I am going to celebrate like I’m a quarter of a century old! I am going to spend time with family and friends and not just celebrate my age but all my blessings as well.

Happy Friday!



  1. OMG I totally freaked when I turned 25! But, we weren't even engaged then and I thought it would never happen! Glad to see you are enjoying it! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I love your positive attitude. Happy Birthday, Lindsay.

  3. I think this is like the 4th time today, but... Happppy birfday, dude :)

  4. Happy Birthday!

    hahaha Jill's comment made me think of Fiddler's Lake when we celebrated your bday and the cake had a spelling mistake lol...and remember you got really drunk and couldn't stop laughing. haha

    We need to plan another fiddler's lake weekend!Too. Much. Fun.

  5. You are officially a quarter of a century old. It only gets better... or so they say! Haha Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating :)