Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reception – Part 1


Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m still a little stunned that we are into the month of October! I know I have been dreaming of this month but it kind of snuck up on me over the weekend! I am so glad that it’s October and even more glad of this coming long weekend!

I wanted to share with you today the start of our reception photo’s. After an already busy day I was famished and SO looking forward to sitting down and celebrating our marriage with friends and family!

Pat, our MC began the evening with some house rules and then introducing the wedding party!


Jared and Amanda


Luc and Rebekka


Best man, Graham and Maid of Honor, Jill


Bride and Groom


Of course Pat started out the evening with some stories right away!


My bad driving skills and clumsiness were pointed out immediately. Here I am pointing out that it was in fact my arm that had to get stitches when I stabbed myself with a knife.


Our wonderful student minister then stood and said grace before supper was served.


While everyone was eating or waiting for food our guests had the opportunity to try to sink a put to make us kiss! It was a hit and so fun to watch everyone try to putt!



The result of a good putt!


I think my greatest memory was sitting back and looking out at all of our guests at the hall. All there for us! Wow! It was amazing sharing some stories about ourselves with our guests and enjoying good food and drinks with our friends and family!



Happy Wednesday!



  1. Welp...I seem to be laughing a lot in this pictures. I really need to learn how to laugh more delicately. lol!! But I guess lots of laughter is a sign of a good reception, right?! ;)

  2. LOVE your favorite memory-- looking out at all of your guests and knowing that they were there for your two; such a great feeling :-)

    I still can't get over how GORGEOUS you looked!! Your dress was so stunning.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I like the idea of having the mini putt so people can get you to kiss. Beats clinking of the glasses!

  4. Everything is gorgeous! Love the golf idea! So cute! I was amazed to just sit down and look around at everything! I just couldn't believe I was there!