Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ghosts of Halloween Past!


Happy Wednesday everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! This Wednesday, the blog is taking a break from it’s regular scheduled “wedding” theme. Because it is a holiday after all and I thought you’d like to see a blast from the past! My Halloween past, that is!

When going through old albums from the time I was born (1987), I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a costume until I was 3! My brother on the other hand, dressed up as a baby pumpkin since the time he was born. Life of the second child…*sign*

Mom ALWAYS made our costumes when we were little. Here, I didn’t have an opinion and so I had to dress up as the clone to my brother’s obsession that year, a dinosaur!


The next year, I had an opinion and I always liked being “creative” and dressing myself. Poor mom. Here, I am some sort of cat I think. Gotta love the high waist super joggers! And nothing says cat like felt pumpkins glued all over your body right? ha ha!

Thanks big brother for pointing your gun at me!


I gave back the reigns to Mom and she made my costume the next year. In fact, in the all important Halloween Costume Contest in our small town I won first place! Boo ya! So, I wore it again the year after and took the prize again! I still have the costume at home and intend of putting my future daughter in it! 

I was a flower. I had a skirt that was made to look like a flower pot! I would totally wear this now if it still fit!


After growing out of the flower costume I wanted to be what every girl has to be at least once for Halloween, A Princess.

Mom took an old blue bridesmaid dress she had and cut it all up to make me my princess dress and shawl.

Jared was Aladdin. We were a good pair that year! 


As I kid, I loved weird movies and shows. I could sit through Pollyanna, Little House On The Prairie, Anne of Green Gables and Gone With The Wind like it was a cartoon!

So, this next year for Halloween I wanted to be an old fashioned girl. Mom made my dress and matching candy bag. At the time, big old fashioned hats were hung on walls with fancy fake flowers on it. Attaching some lace to one of these hats for under my chin and it finished off the costume!


My parents took my brother and I on our first trip to Disney world around this time. So, I knew the next year what I wanted to be for Halloween, Mickey Mouse!

As you can see, Jared was REALLY creative that year.


Come high school, you still wanted to go out and get candy but you didn’t really want to dress up. I took Jared's Aladdin costume and tried to pass it off as a “genie”. The boys were “gangsters”. Tough stuff.

This was also the first year that I got to go trick-or-treating in the big village of Quyon. I thought I was SO cool. But it was a COMPLETE disappointment. In the country, people don’t get a lot of kids so they give away LOTS of candy. You have to work 3 times as hard to get the same amout of candy in the village!


My last year of going out to get candy with my cousin Shannon! We threw on Robinhood costumes. I was telling people I was Maid Marion. Yes, I totally drew on Shannon’s goatee with my eye liner! We went out around the country to get our candy. We had learnt our lesson from the previous year! 


Time passed and I stopped going out to get candy. I never really did start dressing up again till University. One year I was a cowgirl and the next a sailor!

When I come home I started working at the local bar! Halloween was always one of the busiest nights! It was fun to dress up! Here my friend Andrea and I were Elmo and Cookie Monster!

Halloween 034

Now, I throw on a pair of devil horns and head off to work! All the guys at the farm say I’m “Horny”. Geez!


What are some of your Halloween costume memories?

Happy Halloween!



  1. Where is Elvis...I so remember an Elvis costume...I guess that was Jared though! Love the flowerpot, I totally remember that....
    I don't remember my past costumes...I used a fairy costume from your house i think for Gavans one year...when I was little, I remember being a crayon...

  2. hahahha, it's always fun looking back at the old costumes! I remember I had a cat mask - looked like Silvester from the Looney Toones so I went has a black cat a few years, my mom made me a nun costume once. Those are the ones that stick out in my mind.

    AND definitly trick or treating in the country. I remember one house gave out full size bags of chips!

  3. Those pictures are priceless... And if Adam and Jordan came dressed like that to my door, they would get APPLES! hahaha!!

    I remember having a Bart Simpson costume... it was probably one of my favourites! When I was little I was a clown, a pumpkin, an indian... one year I used one of Kara's old costumes and I went as Chewbaca. I didn't even know what Chewbaca was. LOL!

  4. Love looking back at all of the costumes that you had! :)

  5. Love the costumes! They are fantastic! :-) The flower pot costumes looked great haha.
    I remember dressing as a pumpkin once (it was one of my favourite costumes). Mum filled it with balloons to make it nice and round. They popped everytime I squashed through a doorway. I was also a vampire once and a dead nun, just to name a few.