Monday, July 8, 2013

A Weekend Full Of Girl Time!


Happy Monday everyone! Remember last Friday when I told you all that I was so excited for the weekend ahead? Well, I had good reason to! Because this weekend pretty much ROCKED! Literally! And there was on reoccurring theme…girl time!

Friday night, Jilly and I headed to the city for night one of Bluesfest! Both of us were Bluesfest virgins and were a little nervous of the unknown! We started off with supper at one of our favourite places and then headed down to the Bluesfest grounds to get our spots before Zac Brown Band started!

I have to say, out of all of the talent that we would be seeing over the course of the 5 days, Zac Brown Band was the show that I was MOST looking forward to! I had always had an appreciation for their talent and the show was AMAZING! They did not disappoint! 

amandas bach 1

It was a late night on Friday but after getting to sleep in a bit on Saturday, I was up and packed to go on a bachelorette overnight trip! Amanda is getting married in less then 2 weeks and this Saturday we got to take her out for her “last fling before the ring”!

The morning started out at the Nordic Spa where we all got to relax by using the spa’s famous baths and saunas. We were so relaxed after a wonderful morning of pampering.

We settled into our hotel room and then the party got started with a Fantasia party for the bride! The bride (and the groom too, ha ha!) got lots of nice goodies!

amandas bach 2

After the Fantasia party, all the girls got gussied up for a late night dinner at the Japanese Village.

amandas bach 9

We got to enjoy a great show as the chef made our supper right on the spot! Not to mention the food was delicious as were the Saki Bombs!

amandas bach 3

It was a great night celebrating an amazing bride-to-be! I am so looking forward to Amanda and Josh’s big day!

amandas bach 4

The next morning, the girls checked out of the hotel room and then headed to McDonalds for a quick breakfast! We got home fairly early so I unpacked and settled in for some T.V time. Within 5 minutes I was fast asleep and 2 hours later I woke up! Felt like a million bucks after that great sleep!

I jumped in the shower to get ready to head back to the city for day 2 of Bluesfest! Jill found another pass so friend Josee joined us!

First stop was The Works for wacky burgers and beverages out of measuring cups!

amandas bach 5

My burger was the San Francisco Treat with is basically a burger topped with Kraft dinner! Yum!

amandas bach 6

We got to Bluesfest in lots of time before Hunter Hayes (the act that we wanted to see) started. The only odd part was that Wu-tang Clan were the act before Hunter Hayes. So, as these young country music fans came in to get their places for Hunter Hayes, the gangster rap fans were just finishing their show…quite the mix of people.

But the girls and I laughed our heads off at anything and everything! Between giggling at the spinning umbrellas or Jill being enchanted by Hunter Hayes’ Elvis leg moves.

amandas bach 7

amandas bach 8

It really was a blast! In fact, the whole weekend was one for the memory books! I saw Ryan for about 1 hour on Saturday morning and that was it all weekend. Yes, I did miss him but there is something about girl time with some of your best friends that is good for the soul.

It was a weekend full of music, fun, laughing, celebrating and just being a girl! Another perfect summer weekend!

How was your weekend?




    I still giggle everytime I think of it.

    And I do think Hunter Hayes must somehow be related to Elvis. ;)

  2. ha, ha, Lindsay, I actually found myself going to the kitchen to make KD!!! Unfortunately, I realized I have to leave for water aerobics and grabbed a banana instead. Close call!

  3. that burger looks unlike anything ive ever seen, i am so intrigued! ;) hunter hayes is so beyond dreamy, and i am beyond jealous. also, "gussied up" may be my new favorite phrase EVER. love it!

  4. omg hunter hayes! I'm soo jealous...he doesn't know it yet but we're gonna get married I seriously have a whole post solely on our future life together haha (I seriously hope he never sees my blog). But seriously hunter is on the top of my list to see live though I can't be too jealous I saw serena ryder live two weeks ago at the local jazz festival here in saskatoon