Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I’m Starting To Feel Old!


Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope everyone’s week is flying right by. I think mine is about to come to a very slow crawling pace as I am a tired girl again today. Summer nights are hard! There’s the 25 year old in me that loves to do fun things in the warm summer evenings. Then there’s the old lady in me that feel like it takes her a whole week to recover from one night.

You know you are getting old when…

You go to a Justin Bieber concert and feel like you are missing a kid. There are all these mommies with their girls (and some boys). It’s weird being at a concert where the child escorts are closer to your age then the girls actually enjoy the show.



At said Justin Bieber concert you have a hard time enjoying the show because you are too focused on the fact that it looks like his pants are going to fall down! Your obsessive-compulsive self just wants to run up on stage and pull them up for him!

You party it up as a bridesmaid on a Saturday and it takes till Tuesday to feel normal again.

Pic from Jilly

Your tolerance to alcohol is pathetic and it takes a bad hangover to realize you can’t drink like you are in college again!

Pic from Jilly

Coffee becomes an everyday occurrence and even though you said you would never drink more then one a day, you see yourself creeping into a 2 a day habit. 


Moisturizer becomes your #1 beauty buy! You now buy one with an SPF in it because you don’t want to get sun induced wrinkles!


Your taste buds and waist line have changed and so have your eating habits. You find yourself finding and loving a salad on a menu when you use to get chicken fingers!


Feeling old…

Happy Wednesday!



  1. If you're old then I'm old, and I'm definitely NOT old. Although... I definitely can't hang like I used to.

  2. I swear, through the whole last song, I was sure his pants were gonna fall down... lol
    Imagine how old I felt! You're still a spring chicken!!! ;)

  3. The drinking and staying out late thing still creep up on me, but thank goodness for changing taste buds!

    1. Very true! ha ha! I much prefer an early night in bed now over staying up till the wee hours of the morning!

      Emily Beth, I'd love to respond to you via e-mail. Any way you can change your "no-reply blogger" status?

  4. I feel really old and I'm only almost twenty one. I'm very proud to say that I managed to successfully not eat breakfast food or french fries at my favorite restaurant yesterday (It was opening night for the theatre festival I'm in and I'm very strict about what I eat when I'm performing). Plus I'm so out of practice with all this crazy drama stuff because its been three years since the last time I acted and I've never done two shows in the same night before (that was exhausting)

  5. Oh, goodness, his pants were soooooo loooooow! I don't know how they stayed up. Next time I can loan you & Jillian a child, I am sure Sancia would love to go, ha, ha!