Monday, July 15, 2013

Things I Learnt This Weekend…


Happy Monday everyone! Another weekend gone and beautiful it was! People were basking in the sun and warm weather that we FINALLY have. I was watching out the window as the grass got more brown...I much prefer the rain!

There are a few key things that I learnt this weekend. I had some time to think and reflect and there are some important and memorable things that I want to keep note of.

1. Bluesfest is EXHUASTING! When Jill and I originally got our 5 day passes, I couldn’t wait to go to my very first Bluesfest to see some amazing artists. 2 days in, and this girl was already spent! Last Friday (with a show the night before) I was running on 3 hours of sleep and was still on my way to one last show! Great Big Sea was AMAZING (the best of what I saw) but this girl was TIRED and was kinda looking forward to bed. Bluesfest was a great experience! I will definitely be back. But, probably only weekend shows! 

mid july 6

2. A simple drink, cold pool and chick lit is exactly what the doctor ordered. I am capable of completely relaxing even when work trucks are driving past my door every 10 minutes. I am able to shut off from work and life and have “me” time. Not to mention the feeling I have at work this morning…complete satisfaction with that rest time….rejuvenated.

mid july 5

3. The age of 4 is fun! This girl is so full of personality and I already knew that. But, what I got to experience on Sunday was something entirely different. I got to REALLY KNOW this girl. No siblings, no parents, no grandparents..just Faith and I. It’s amazing what little things you can learn. Some of my favourite time with Faith was in the car driving! This little chicka prefers rock and roll over country!

mid july 3

4. I am STILL incapable of tanning. This Irish girls skin hates the sun! One hour later and I am as red as a tomato!

mid july 4

5. Norway Bay beach is a great spot! I only live about 15 minutes away from this hot spot but I had never been to enjoy! Sure, I have walked and driven by a million times! But to say that I packed up and went to this beach? Never! The water was warm and so was the sand! The best part is the shallow water so Faith could “swim” around like a fish and I didn’t have to worry! The water literally only goes up to about my knees!

mid july 2

Did you learn anything this weekend?



  1. I learned that being a single parent is hard work LOL...

  2. Sounds like a great time! You should try the Maui Babe Browning Lotion and Tan Extender. I have my first tan in almost my entire life! It's amazing!

  3. We should have just gone with you....Gatineau Park lakes were full :(