Friday, July 19, 2013

Some Breathing Room


Happy Friday everyone! I wish I had a super great post for you all on this hot and rainy Friday. The truth is, I don’t. Things around these parts have gone BAT crazy! There were a couple events that are taking part around the farm, that I will totally fill you in on soon (I promise!), and the BIG wedding of one of my besties. Amanda this coming Saturday (WOO HOO)!!

So, for now…Until I can post a better post for you all to enjoy here are some life facts as of lately.


Baby boy is ADORABLE! 3rd children are kind of weird in the sense that they kind of become a little forgotten. You know he is there. But baby boy is laid back and just let’s his siblings do all the fussing. Every once and a while I catch myself suddenly remembering his existence and smile! Smile 


It is HOT around these parts! Temperatures that feel well above the 40’s! My old house has a small wall mounted A/C unit that doesn’t work everywhere. So our master bedroom is HOT! But I love being warm and I can handle it. Ry on the other hand, cannot! Therefore he has been sleeping on the couch in the basement and I have had the king size bed to myself. Not going to lie…been taking up the WHOLE bed at night and LOVING it!


Because this heat doesn’t make one sweat enough, I have also decided that this week would be a good one to up my running schedule. I have been getting my groove back when it comes to running. Slowly but surely adding distance until I get to 5 KM again. My new distance this week is 4 KM. It feels great to be out there running again but I am disgustingly wet when I get done. One night this week after my run, I collapsed fully clothed into the pool. It was needed.

july19 2


Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Girl you are crazy to go running in the heat!

  2. I think I'd be living in the pool, its just too hot out for me! I am used to my summer ocean breezes in Halifax and had forgotten how brutal it can be here.