Monday, July 29, 2013

Annual Golf Tournament and Celebrating A Great Girl!


Happy Monday everyone! Another weekend passed by way too quickly! I have been thinking all week how crazy it is that we are almost in August. It feels like the summer is flying by. And it completely makes sense. How can the days not fly by when every day is filled with fun activities? Making memories every chance we get!

I had been looking forward to the end of the week more then normal being that it was our annual company golf tournament! Every year at the end of July, our whole company closes at noon on a Friday and hops on a bus to a golf course. We spend the afternoon golfing and then have a great meal together where door prizes are given! The day is filled with good music, huge laughs and lots of fun! This year was no exception.

This year Claire organized it secretly. No one knew where we were headed! It made it even more exciting! Everyone loaded up on the bus for the 30 minute ride to Mickey Creek Golf Course in Vinton, Quebec.



Everyone got settled and then hit the course! My all girl team had to share a cart as they had run out! But it didn’t matter! We had lots of giggles this way!


It was the PERFECT day for golf! The sun was out and it wasn’t too hot! Sometimes for theses tournaments I give up and do not play the whole round! This year, all 3 of us girls golfed the WHOLE thing. All 9 holes. Jill even won longest drive and I won closest to the pin!

It was so much fun and we settled in for a delicious meal! It was a delicious buffet with an option to fit every taste bud! Everyone got a prize and I have to say I lucked out this year. Gift card to Canadian tire, new sweater, coffee mug, some tool thing (that Ry was excited about, haha!) and golf balls!

We all sat around on the porch while the musicians played the classic songs. Perfect ending to the day! I am so thankful to be able to work where I do. But what makes it so great, the people. I do work with some of the greatest people on the planet (in my opinion).


Saturday morning I was up early and off with my bestie Jill to celebrate her 30th birthday! There were a few things planned for later but I wanted to surprise her that morning with a relaxing day at The Nordik Spa.


Jill and I spent the morning relaxing in the saunas and hot tubs. We even got to try their new salt water Kalla treatment. We enjoyed a healthy fresh lunch at the spa’s restaurant before getting ready to meet the girls for a night out on the market!

We all loaded up in Sara’s van to head downtown. It was great to be able to go all in one vehicle. I was the driver and I was a little nervous to be driving a van for a first time (especially downtown!). I have to say, I have been converted! I will totally be a mini van mom! I loved it! It felt like you were driving something small but really it wasn’t! It’s great to park into tight spaces because of the sliding doors! Loved it!

After walking around the market we decided on Hard Rock Cafe for supper! It was a beautiful night so we didn’t mind sitting on the patio.

mvt golf tournament 4

After our delicious meal, we walked around the market more. We grabbed a gourmet cupcake at The Cupcake Lounge and then did some shopping at Chapters and the Rideau Centre.

Inspirational message inside bathroom stall at Chapters

mvt golf tournament 5

The girls and I tried REALLY hard to keep the night going as long as we could! What Jill didn’t know was the her brother and sister-in-law had planned a surprise birthday party for her at the bowling alley!

Thankfully, Jill bought into all the silliness (including a detour to a “cleaner” Tim Horton's) and we arrived at the bowling alley for the big surprise!

mvt golf tournament 6

I am still sitting here giggling at all the craziness on the way to the bowling alley! It was so fun and I am glad we were able to successfully pull off the surprise!

We enjoyed a couple games of bowling and then all gathered to sing to the birthday girl and have some cake!

mvt golf tournament 7

mvt golf tournament 8

Ryan and I headed home and I had such a hard time falling asleep that night from all the excitement that day!

Sunday morning Ryan and I headed to church and got to enjoy some niece and nephew time!

After church, we immediately headed to the city where we got to enjoy our July date. But, more on that to come..

mvt golf tournament 9

How was your weekend?



  1. I have always wondered how the Le Nordik spa was. Looks fun! Sounds like Jillian had such a great day. I agree, you work with some of my favourite people, and you are one too.