Friday, July 5, 2013

A Year Of Dates– June


Happy Friday everyone! This week DRAGGED on…even if it was a short one! How come the shortest weeks seem to last forever? It’s not like the days were not busy because they most certainly were! I guess when you are lacking in the sleep department and looking forward to activities ahead, the days last even longer.

Ryan and I fit in our June date on the 29th of last month! Talk about calling it close! But, it’s been a busy month. Work aside, the weekends have been full of activities for an upcoming wedding that Ryan and I are both involved in! So, when we opened the June date envelope, I was a little worried that we would have to completely toss it aside since it was a little bit of an ambitious date idea.

This month it was Ryan’s turn to plan the date.

June Date

Blogger fail, I forgot to take a picture of the description. It read, “A weekend away camping in the Algonquin Park.”

SAY WHAT? I kindly reminded my husband that although I loved the date idea, EVERY weekend in June has been booked since wintertime with wedding activities! He was so sad, he had completely forgotten about the wedding when planning the date. After MUCH discussion, we decided that we didn’t want to throw this date to the wayside. With a little bit of alterations, we could still have a fun night “camping”.

We decided to celebrate the completion of our new pool area. We would set up a tent and spend the whole afternoon/evening camping in our own yard! This would include the basics of camping. No use of the house. Sleeping in a tent. Camp tire. And the biggest one, NO TECHNOLOGY (minus the camera to be used only as proof).

So, last Saturday we set up camp right in our pool area! First was the tent. We blew up the air mattress and set up our sleeping bags! It actually looked like a pretty cozy set up and it was really nice to sleep in. Thankfully, the night was pretty cool and we didn’t over heat!


The night consisted of cooking food entirely outside and 100% relaxing, no interruptions. We were so excited to make our first fire in our new fireplace! 


Literally, for hours all we did was chat, listen to music, rest, swim and play games! Not once did we have technology. It must have been the longest time we had been apart from any technology in a LONG TIME! But, it was some of the best “us” time that we have had yet on any of these dates! I have not felt that completely relaxed in a long time either. 



I wish that Ryan’s date could have happened just like he had hoped. But, very important obligations meant that we had to change things up. And truthfully? I think it ended up even better than he had planned! We had been DYING to use our new pool place but life has been so busy that we have hardly had any time. This new date allowed us to use our new space that we had been wanting so badly to use and still get to “camp”. The date allowed us to un-plug from the world, completely relax and visit with each other.

Kudos husband on a great date for June!

Have a great weekend!



  1. from what i see from the pool area - looking good! i was hoping you were going to say you had an air mattress cuz that would have been a really hard sleep LOL

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  3. I took mine down because I had a spelling mistake, ha, ha. Very cute date, well done!

  4. Such a great idea! I'm dying to see how the pool area came out. Post soon!