Friday, July 12, 2013

True Life: My Purse Is A Mess


Happy Friday everyone! I am one VERY sleepy girl this morning!! Last night Jilly and I headed to night 4 of Bluesfest to watch The Tragically Hip! It was a fun evening! Between supper out and the fabulous show, it was the perfect summer night!

july 12 2

The only problem with such a fun summer night? Not going to bed till 1 AM! Yikes! This would be fine for someone who worked 9-5. But this farming lady gets up at 4:30 AM…Just hook me up to some coffee fed intravenously today, K? Glasses are a necessity this morning as my eyes won’t open up fully..Zzzz…

july 12 3

Anyone who has read my blog for a while or knows me in real life, knows that I am very particular about certain things.

- I have a 6 week meal plan (including grocery shopping) that we follow religiously.

- My agenda is my best friend. I love a scheduled life.

- My home is always picked up and my closest in particular is always color coordinated

To say that I love all things organized would be an understatement. But there’s one area of my life that is a mess.


I love owning nice purses. It’s kind of my one indulgence. I am cheap with all other clothing, shoes and other accessories. But a nice purse makes me get all excited. When I get a new purse (or switched purses) I feel like I am on cloud nine. A week later. It usually looks like this…


Then…I go on a cleaning spree and it’s as clean as a whistle and probably 10 pounds lighter.

A week later- Back to chaos. I think it’s because when something is given to me that I don’t know what to do with, it gets thrown in my purse. This collection of paper and tib bits stays in this location until I finally, once a month, analyze this mess and realize I don’t need to hold onto ever tiny piece of paper. They are not ALL important.

I mean, there were 6 grocery lists (with the items crossed off) in the purse above! I don’t need to hold onto those. But at the time, it seems necessary and it gets stuffed into my purse!

Bah!! Something this girl needs to work on because I HATE the constant mess! Any suggestions?

In other happy news, baby Everett came for a visit this morning to brighten his Ti-ti’s day! I’ll confess, I had began to get some “baby fever” after Everett was born. He was all squishy and cute! Then this morning I got in my baby snuggles and young buck started to cry. Reality slapped me in the face and I happily handed him back over to his daddy and went back to my peace and quiet. Baby fever officially gone! Sorry peeps! My loins will be baby free, for the time being! 

july 12

Happy Friday!



  1. Umm...didnt you say in one blog that when you are wearing your glasses, to stay away cuz it means you are cranky or something?? LOL

  2. Ha, ha, guess I won't be booking a baptism anytime soon!

  3. 6 week meal plan?? I could never even hope to be that organized. Props, girl. Props ;)