Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A List Of Lists


Happy Wednesday everyone! I grabbed this idea from one of my favourite bloggers, “I Wore Yoga Pants To Work” – her blog title alone speaks to my heart. She posted this great countdown list and I thought I would do the same this morning!


5 things I’ll Be Doing Over The Next Week:

1. Hopefully getting my parents rounded up so that we can finally see The Butler.

2. Going to my first yoga class back after a long summer break.

3. Eating at Japanese Village for a friends birthday!! Josh has been away for too long and we are looking forward to a night of celebrating!

4. Getting the pool closed down for the season…*sad face*

5. Cheering on friends that will be running the Army Run. This girl couldn’t handle the crowds last year so I didn’t sign up again.

4 Items I Need To Purchase:

1. New make-up primer! Been out for almost two weeks and my pimple filled face is paying the price!

2. New jeans to start off the fall!

3. New PJ bottoms! I discovered last night that all 4 pairs of my comfy flannel PJ pants have a hole in them. All in the same spot…the crotch.

4.  Canned pumpkin! Tried to buy some last week but the store was SOLD OUT! I am badly craving something pumpkin flavoured!

3 Shows I can’t Wait To Come Back Into My Life:

1. DEXTER! DUH! Ryan and I agreed to watch this series together but sometimes on nights that he is busy I find it so hard to not watch another episode!

2. Survivor starting today! Woo hoo!

3. Big Brother! Season 15 is about to end this week and I’ll be sad to see it gone.

2 Reasons I’m Excited For Fall:

1. End of a busy work season! Summer is great but it’s so busy at work for us. I look forward to the end of that busy season. It also brings on great events like Thanksgiving and MY BIRTHDAY! Woo hoo!

2. Warmer clothes. I am seriously always cold. Even in the summer! I look less ridiculous in lots of layers in the fall because everyone else is in the same!

One Thing That’s Currently Bothering Me:

1. The whole “Charter of Values” that Satan the leader of Quebec is trying to pass. It actually makes me sick to think that in this day in age that something like this is even being considered. I know in my heart it’s just a tool she is using to get elections sooner but the thought still sickens me. If someone was to tell me not to wear my cross necklace to work anymore or lose my job, I would be heart broken. I hate being associated with a province that is even talking about this racist garbage. I love where I live but I am ashamed of the government that runs it right now.  



  1. Great excited for Survivor and not looking forward to BB ending...who do you want to win though??

  2. Definitely get the fam rounded up for The Butler, you guys will love it!

    It's odd to me that everyone says everywhere is out of canned pumpkin, yet I found it at Valumart last Saturday. lol I wonder if they've run out now... and here, I wasted 1/4 C. of it on boring pumpkin brownies, and now have most of a can sitting in my fridge, probably going bad while I decide what to do with the rest of it... yeesh. lol!