Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Call Me Old Fashioned


Happy Wednesday everyone!

Like any good blogger, I belong to lots of social media sites. I’m a regular facebooker and dabble a bit in the land of Twitter. I have to be honest though, twitter still isn’t my thing. It’s just something I never really got into.

After the big Miley Cyrus, half naked and shaking her thing on stage at the VMA’s scandal went down I was a little disappointed that there was less of a shock factor. I mean, people were shocked, sure. But, it then kind of dwindled down really quickly! It wasn’t so much that she was half naked and grinding up to a married man on stage that people didn’t like, it was that her tongue was constantly out and that her outfit was ridiculous. Call me old fashioned but shouldn’t the married man on stage also be considered “disgusting” after allowing a young girl grind up to him like that?

It kind of actually makes me sad. That this is what little girls are looking at. Whether they are laughing at it or not, it’s what is in their heads now. It’s showing them that this kind of action garners attention for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes, a teenage girl wants attention whether it is respectful or not and to me, the actions of Miley on stage says it’s acceptable!

I remember being a teenager and the dress JLo wore to an award show being considered “scandalous” and “indecent”. It seems tame now in comparison.

All over my facebook and twitter feeds are video’s of people “twerking”. This “old” lady didn’t even know what it meant. When I looked at one of the videos it looked like the beginnings of a yoga move. Instead, it’s some young girl shaking her ass while being upside side. I’m sorry, but what part of that is considered sexy? I’m all about shaking my groove thing when a good song comes on too, but upside down? Just looks like a headache waiting to happen.

Now, this lost little girl by the name of Miley has released a new music video for her song, Wrecking Ball. While I admit, I kind of like the song and girl has talent. She has a great set of lungs on her. Was it necessary to make out with your dirty sledge hammer and ride the wrecking ball naked? Like you were actually having sex with it? What does that have anything to do with the message of your song? It’s a great song without all of the other theatrics! Girl, it’s really too bad that you are lacking the confidence in your own talent that you need to add these slutty elements to again, get more attention. I’m not even going to call it sexy. Because I’m sorry, it’s not! You just look like a fool licking a hammer.

I think about my innocent 4 year old niece. This little lady loves her music. One of my favorite moments from this past summer was rocking out to the tunes with her in the car. As her auntie I want to shield her from all this negative female propaganda.  I want her to grow up to be confident in herself. To know that a good man is going to love her for her heart, her smarts, her kindness and her humility. That her looks is just going to be something FAR down the list of reasons why he loves her and really, hardly a reason at all. That he will find her reading a book to be sexy. Or laughing at a funny commercial to be sexy. That all the antics that some young women think are needed to get a males attention is not the attention that you want. Those men will drop you so quick when another “sexy” thing comes to shake her ass on him.

Call me old fashioned if you will, I probably in some way am. But, I feel a bit of fear for the young girls who are growing up to be women. Society has come so far over the last 100 years! Women are equal in every way to a man. But, the antics and acceptability of women being overly sexual is bringing us down to be objects and not as easily respected. Such a shame.

That’s just my two cents for today…

Happy Wednesday.



  1. I remember that dress! It was sooo scandalous for the time. Not anymore! I totally agree with what you said, I feel like miley is constantly trying to outdo herself in how provocative & "shocking" her next set of antics will be. It's so sad, she could be known for her songwriting or voice, but instead she's focused on defining her sexuality and now, that's all that people associate her with, just another over sexualized Disney star gone wild.

  2. I hear you on this one... but at the same time I'm glad people are 'ignoring' it... the fact that it's given attention and shaming Miley, is JUST why she's doing it. When we're appalled and blasting her on media, clicking on youtube to watch her video... she's winning.

    It's sad. It terrifies me that I will one day bring children into this now twisted world... but I feel like our generation is seeing how much we've screwed up and we're doing things to fix it.

    That's my plan anyway - call me old fashioned all you want, I don't plan on accepting this as the now life... I plan to raise my children in a more traditional setting, they won't be sitting in front of cable television being influenced by the messed up society media has created - they can play outside just like I did.

  3. Fantastic post Lindsay, I am so proud of you and the values you hold, and that you are not ashamed to put out there. Well said.

  4. You are not Old Fashined at all...I'm 23 years old and I sit here just staring at Miley. That's not the Miley I grew up watching on Hannah Montana..I loved her as an actress and as a singer..before all of this. And I have younger cousins who I am praying to God don't take inspiration from this version of Miley. She has enough talent but she is making herself look like a fool.

    I was just as shocked as you were when I saw the VMA's, as was anyone, and then Wrecking Ball was just over the limit for me.