Friday, September 6, 2013

Year Of Dates–August


Happy Friday everyone! Ah…the ending of a short week! Just wonderful! It’s a chilly and surprisingly frosty morning today! There is no doubt now that Fall is here and I love it! Fall is my absolute favorite season! Bring on the sweaters, the pumpkins, and the beautiful fall colours!

Ryan and I were looking at the basket that holds our yearly dates and remarking about how few we have left. We are even already starting to come up with ideas for next year! I think we have a new tradition!

For the month of August it was Ryan’s turn to plan something. When he planned our August date back last December, he took into account that August is typically a very busy time for us and work.

August date 6

August date 5

“A beautiful romantic BBQ meal at the newly renovated pool. some good cuts of seat, twice baked potatoes with Caesar salad and a nice glass of your favorite wine! With me”

Sounded like the perfect date to me! A night off of any cooking/cleaning duties, woo hoo!

But, the best part was Ryan really did go out of his way to make it super special. He went and got all the groceries he needed for this meal. Including a stop over in Ontario because the LCBO carries my favorite wine. He marinated our steaks for 2 full days! The man worked hard to make sure everything was perfect and that meant a lot to me.

After work on Friday,  August 30 (cutting it a little close to our monthly deadline…haha), Ryan got home from work and went straight to work on our date. When I got home a little later, I changed into comfy clothes and watched TV. I didn’t have to lift a finger!

Ryan had everything set up at the pool as he was out there BBQ our steaks. Right before they were finished it started to pour rain so our meal had to get moved indoors.

August date 1

First course, Caesar salad with real bacon that Ryan fried up and homemade croutons!

August date 3

Ryan’s goal was the make the meal like our favorite at The Keg, twice baked potato included! It was cute watching him google “how to make a twice baked potato” on his phone that day. It turned out delicious and we were both too stuffed for the brownie dessert he had made!

August date 4

Of course the meal was amazing but that’s not what made the date so wonderful. Ryan’s effort to make it special was what put it over the top. Between planning and putting so much effort into the meal to making sure that I wasn’t involved at all! After a busy week I got to sit down after work and put my feet up!

“Garcon” even put my pepper on my meal for me! Ha ha!

August date 2

Thanks Ryan for such a special date night!

Happy Friday!



  1. How adorable and what a good idea :)

  2. Wow! When you come and visit you need to train Big A on how to do this! Haha. The meal looks amazing. Glad you got a night off.

  3. i love this idea! and the food looks fantastic!