Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shawville Fair 2013


Happy Tuesday! Thank goodness for long weekends! There is something so wonderful about being lazy on a Monday off of work! What’s even better? Coming to work knowing it’s a short week until the next weekend arrives! Hooray!

Shawville Fair weekend was this weekend! Around these parts, that’s a pretty big deal! It’s one of the most popular and best fairs around! Years ago, I use to live at the fair! From Thursday to Monday I would be on the fair grounds visiting with old friends, going on rides, eating food and just having fun! For some reason, I’ve come to notice that my love for the Shawville Fair has diminished. The things that I use to go for has changed!

Don’t get me wrong, the times that I was at the fair, I had a blast! I could never go a whole labour day weekend and NOT go to the fair!

Ryan and I headed up on Thursday afternoon where I worked a booth for a few hours and he watched the truck pull! It was the only time that Ryan actually went to the fair! Since being with Ryan it has always been like pulling his teeth to try to get him to go to the fair! But, the truck pull is one event he doesn’t miss!

shawville fair 2 

Jeff getting ready to pull his tractor!

shawville fair 3

Friday, is another night I could usually drag Ryan to. It’s usually a quieter night with a great band! By late afternoon the dark clouds where rolling in and we opted to stay in instead!

Saturday morning I was back to the fair for a few hours to work the booth. But then headed home to get some house work done and relax before going back up with Jilly!

shawville fair 4

Last fall, we went to a show at a local bar where we went to see Chad Brownlee who also happened to be performing with Dallas Smith. That evening, we left the bar more impressed with Dallas then Chad! So, when we heard he would be performing Saturday night of the Shawville fair we were SO excited!

Needless to say, Dallas did not disappoint! He put on an amazing show and I loved singing along to every song!

Jill and I pretty much left right away after the show. Which is probably a good thing as I heard that things got pretty wild! Lots of fights!

Sunday Ryan and I stuck close to home and got some things done in the morning. We then got ready and headed to the city for supper with friends and family! We were celebrating the 30th birthday of Stacy!

The birthday girl and her little man, Tanner!

shawville fair 5

shawville fair 6

It was a fun night out visiting with everyone and having a yummy supper! Jill, Ryan and I stopped for an ice cream on the way home too!

Monday, wonderful holiday Monday! After sleeping in, Ryan and I headed to Quyon to help Jill move in some new bedroom furniture. Actually, Ryan helped to move stuff and I just enjoyed the show! Smile 

For the rest of the day we relax and caught up on laundry! It was the perfect holiday Monday! A true day of rest!

As you can see, I only ended up going to the fair on Thursday and on Saturday. It’s odd that I don’t really enjoy the fair like I use to! It’s different for me now. Now, I like to look around at the exhibits where as when I was younger I could have cared less.

shawville fair 1

I hate going through the beer tent in the evening because it is so crowded. And walking through a huge tent of extremely drunk people, when you are completely sober just isn’t a good time!

I don’t go on any rides but friends with kids spend hours in the midway. I just think I am at an in between stage in my life. Right now, the fair just isn’t my thing but I would never NOT go, at least 1 day! The Shawville fair is an important event in this little community!

How was your weekend?



  1. That stinks that something you used to love so much is just kind of meh. Maybe it will be better next year. :)

  2. It's so true, it's not the same anymore I guess because we are not in the same stage of life - the partying! haha. Ian and I went every night but we just walked around the midway, we looked at things we normally would not have, check out all the barns with cows, the petting zoo in the midway, the tractors, the arts/craft area, and even watched some of the cow showing in the arena one night. Then we just hung-out, outside the beer tent for a few hours, the night goes by quick since the bar closes at 12:30! Watching all the drunk people is pretty funny, and yes there were fights pretty well every night, and can't forget the outhouses being set on fire, it's become a tradition i guess now.

  3. HOW FUN! i love going to fair's! so much to see & do and it's just the best atmosphere!

  4. Thanks for following my blog! Your fair reminds me of the ones here in Ohio and I LOVE going to the fair! Our final one is in the county I grew up in mid-October and I can hardly wait to go. Thankfully my husband loves fairs too and we always try to make it to the pulls and the demo derby!

  5. I agree, Lindsay. I was "faired out" long before Sancia and her friend Ebony. I was happy to grab a chair and sit and chat with a couple of friends in the craft exhibit.