Friday, September 27, 2013

The Date Of My Birth Sucks


Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all have had a great week! I am so excited (as usual) for the weekend to be here! Bring on hanging out with family and friends and some fun fall activities!

It’s crazy to me that it is already the end of September. This last month has flown by to me which I am so thankful for! October is a pretty exciting month because not only do we get to celebrate Thanksgiving but my birthday lands around that time too! The only problem is that I usually share Thanksgiving festivities with my birthday!

Any one who has known me for any length of time, knows that I hate that my birthday lands on Thanksgiving. Of course, it’s easy to get all the family together to celebrate my birthday because we are there for a special dinner anyways. But a big problem, I’m not a huge fan of turkey!

It’s a problem. Every year we celebrate as a family Thanksgiving AND my birthday. I’ve always been envious of kids who got the special day all to them selves! I can’t blame my parents for not wanting to do anything else! It takes a lot of work to put on a nice turkey dinner with all the fixings! But, when the pumpkin pie (which I don’t even care for! Blah!) goes out with a birthday candle in the middle I can’t help but feel slightly disappointment!

Through the years my parents would plan a birthday party for me but usually it was way later in the month and most of the time into November. The “special” day already felt over. When it landed on Thanksgiving weekend I would miss the special birthday crown and cupcakes with my class! How I wanted that birthday crown made out of construction paper to wear around the school yard for the day! 

Then every once in a while Thanksgiving will cooperate and be a date distant from October 12th and I’d get to celebrate! Those years are good! But, sure enough the date sneaks back to being one in the same! 

Amanda 10

This year, my birthday lands on Thanksgiving weekend again and I have warned my husband. I told him that it is his “husbandly” duties to ensure that he celebrates my birthday on the actual day! I have helped him by saying boxed cake is absolutely acceptable (and actually preferable) and he has my birthday wish list which includes a foot rub and 24 hour access to the t.v remote!

Let’s wish him luck! Winking smile 

Happy Friday!



  1. Welcome to the Sharing birthdays...I always have to share my birthday with Shawville sucks! I agree with you though, I would put up a fit if I was served pumpkin pie for my birthday because I HATE pumpkin pie - and I'm not a fan of turkey either!!

  2. Sometimes my birthday falls on Memorial Day but that just means I get the day off work :)

  3. I'll trade birthdays with you. I LOVE Turkey & pumpkin pie!!
    I never got the birthday celebration at school either, having a July birthday always sucked for that. Plus, trying to get friends together for a party was usually a flop too, because often my best friends were away on vacations and stuff. I'll never forget the year I tried to find friends to come to the movies with me, and it ended up being me, Mom, Luke, Patrick, and Randy!! LOL!

  4. I have a late august birthday and it always fell just before school started except in gr.11 and 12 when it fell on the FREAKING SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL!

  5. What do you like to eat for your birthday? Reg usually bbq's me a steak from Farm Boy. Sancia asked for that food you spear and put it in water until it cooks. I guess she can't tell the difference between oil and water, for fondue ha, ha. Now of course she has changed her mind and its Nana's hamburgers.