Friday, September 13, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…


Happy Friday…actually, happy Friday the 13th…Are you at all suspicious? I have to say, I am not at all. Not even the littlest bit! I don’t think the date is going to effect things that happen in my life today. All I know is that it’s Friday and in my books, that’s a reason to celebrate! Bring on the weekend!

I don’t know about you but in my life there are certain things that I can’t live with out. They have become a part of my everyday life. Not a day goes by that these items effect what I do and are some way involved in my day to day. Obviously, family and friends are my number one important beings in my life. Nothing else matters to me then the people I love. But I’m talking about certain things that you buy or use in your everyday life, some without knowing how really important they are to you. Here’s some of the items on my list:

1. Phone…duh!


Seriously, this lady cannot live without her phone! If you were to ask me now which piece of technology I was allowed to keep, if in some awful world I was only allowed one…It would be my iPhone! Emails, texts, social media, t.v, calculator…the resources are endless!

One of the best things is getting random pictures texted to me throughout the day!

*Melt my heart*

sept 13 5

2. My water bottle…Aka: Adult sippy cup! 

Now, thank you to past bride Amanda, I now have a water bottle at both home and work! No more carting it to and from the house! Woo hoo! I honestly don’t think I would drink any water at all if it wasn’t for my adult sippy cup! And from what I hear…water is pretty important!

sept 13 3

3. Space heater.

Sometimes my sanity is questioned in the summer as the guys come into the office out of the 35 degree heat. The reason being? Under my desk I have a little space heater that is 90% of the time turned on! I hate air conditioning and typically the AC is getting BLASTED in this office! Heater to keep my feet warm is a necessity! I’m miserable to be around when I am cold!

sept 13 2

4. Mini hair clips.

On a daily basis I always have one of these handy clips around. For washing my face, before cooking food and just to keep this mop out of my eyes, I like to throw it back with one of these. I’m not a big hair tie (elastic) fan because it easily breaks my brittle hair but these mini clips do the job with out any damage!

5. Blankie…aka my security blanket.

Not a night goes by that I am not cuddled up close to my blanket before going to sleep. I went years without my security blanket after my mom hid it from me. Yelling me that she burnt it *tear*. Years later I was playing dress up in her closet and found my beloved blanket! I have not let that little scrap of fabric out of my sight ever since! It was a requirement for Ryan to be able to accept the fact that I would be snuggling with it at night instead of him.

sept 13 4

6. Baby spoons.

Going along with the blankie theme here…My mother has always kept a few metal baby spoons in the cutlery drawer even after we grew up. For some reason they have always been my cutlery of choice when eating certain foods. Yogurt, ice cream, cereal and pudding all get eaten with a baby spoon. The same ones I used as a baby.

7. Yoga pants.

I think this one is on almost every girls list! After dropping my purse at the door after work, my very next thing on the to-do list is to change into yoga (aka stretchy) pants! And, I continue to live in them for the rest of the night! Oh, and I guess this is actually part of my night time uniform. It usually also includes a baggy t-shirt or sweater.

sept 13

What are some of your favourite items that you use on a daily basis? What can’t you live without?

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. I pretty much have the same list as you - I need my heater, I need my blankie, I lived without my phone until 7 mths ago but I dont think I could live without it now...
    Great list - have a great weekend!

  2. I may be stealing your heater in the near future... brrrr! LOL
    Did you know I've now broken BOTH of my big sippy cups? In the past two weeks?? So sad :( Trip to Walmart in my near future to get new ones... I only have my work one and my Disney one now!
    AND - my mom still has the little metal baby spoons too, and like you, there are some foods that I just NEED my baby spoon for. In particular, eating a boiled egg!!! I can't do it with a real one! lol!!

  3. I bought some of those mini clips recently and I love them! I have a lot of hair, but they work perfectly for putting it half up or getting my bangs out of my face without ruining them like a bobby pin would. Have a great weekend!

  4. I Love this. I actually don't have bad feelings about Friday the 13th either...they always make for good scary movie marathons too ;) haha.

    I also love my Phone, I can't live without it. When it dies and Im waiting for it to charge it's just about the longest time period ever. HA! I can't live without bobbie pins, my bangs are always all over my face. I have my "adult sippy cup" as well...actually I have atleast 8 of them..Oops! haha. But I'm obsessed. Everytime my Fiance sees one he thinks I would like, he gets one for me. I'm spoiled!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  5. I have Reg's baby spoon in our drawer and ones from my kids too. It makes me happy to see my grandkids using them now too. My Ordination quilt is my new blankie.