Monday, September 9, 2013

A Very Quiet Weekend


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know I did! It was a weekend FULL of relaxation for both Ryan and I. We literally felt like we were on holidays. It’s rare that a full weekend passes with absolutely nothing in particular to do! Where you can do whatever your heart desires! Heavenly!

The weekend started out with a little tradition. When I was a kid, every Friday night at our house was “Movie Night In Beechgrove”. The whole family would have spaghetti for supper and then rent a movie and have snacks! It was a tradition for YEARS in our home and one that I know my brother has passed on since having his own family. While Ryan and I don’t have any kids, we do like the excuse of this tradition to stay in, eat junk and watch a movie together!

Thankfully, the days of going to the store to rent a movie are now over because of Netflix! We decided on Friends With Benefits and both really liked the movie! We did lots of laughing!

Saturday morning we were up pretty early because Ryan had to go and get his hair cut! We decided that since it was such a quiet weekend it would be the perfect opportunity to do our September Date.

sept 7 1

After a quick breakfast at the local golf course we hit the road for our date! But, more on that another time!

We grabbed some groceries and then spent the rest of Saturday afternoon relaxing! My bestie Jill has been going on and on about Dexter. I had noticed it on Netflix a while back and on Saturday Ryan and I started watching it! We are hooked! We went through a whole season this weekend!

Because we had stayed up so late watching Dexter on Saturday we ended up sleeping in till almost 10 AM on Sunday! I can’t even remember that last time I slept in for that long! It was shocking but so nice!

For the rest of Sunday we stayed in our P.J’s! Literally, we never got dressed! We did laundry, hung a couple new pictures and I got all of my tomatoes canned! It was a fairly successful day but still so relaxing! We would make an agreement before watching another new episode of Dexter! We would say, “O.k this one episode and then we would do this ABC chore”.

It seemed to do that trick! ha ha! We could relax but also get something accomplished!

We are now well into the second season and wishing the days were longer so that we could watch more! Ha ha!

Overall, it was an amazingly relaxing weekend! It wasn’t an overly exciting weekend but sometimes those are nice! Time to just be together at home resting and relaxing!

How was your weekend?



  1. That weekend sounds AMAZING!!! I long for weekends where we don't have plans!

  2. I miss those days. Even though some weekends we stay in our pj's it's never the same kind of 'relaxation' with small kids. lol

  3. relaxing weekends are the best. but it sounds like you were productive, too & that's even better! my guy is obsessed with dexter. it's pretty intriguing, it really sucks you in!

  4. Glad you guys are enjoying Dexter!! I wish I was home with him right now! haha!! ;)

  5. We slept late on Sunday too after being out late at a wedding Saturday night. Sometimes you just have to have a day like that :) it's wonderful!