Tuesday, October 1, 2013

August 2nd, 2013


Thank you so much for all the sweet comments. Ryan and I are so excited to not be hiding our wonderful news anymore!


Originally wrote on August 2nd, 2013:

I think I’m going to be black and blue from the amount of times I’ve had to pinch myself this morning. Is this for real?

And by “this”…I actually mean…

pool party 10

Ryan and I have always known we have wanted to have children. There was never any doubt. The only doubt that we did have was when and if at all possible.

I had to go off of my birth control pill in the new year. The doctor told me that I might as well stop taking it because the antibiotics that I was one were going to make it not as effective anyways.

Once I was done surgery, I could have gone back on it. But there was something nice about not having to take that pesky pill anymore. So, after some discussion with Ryan, I decided to completely stop taking it. We were just going to throw caution to the wind. At this point, if we got pregnant, we wouldn’t be disappointed.

The only problem with throwing caution to the wind? THAT IS SO NOT ME!

So, I did what any other A-type personality would do. I started tracking my cycle. I wanted to see IF we had sex  that month when our baby would be due. I knew then every month before Aunt Flow would show up that there could be a chance. But, since we weren’t really “trying” I never became to concerned about it.

The month of July was different. For the last week, I knew AF was about to arrive by Friday. All week, I have been a huge crab. Like PMS crankiness on steroids! My poor husband has seen the wrath of my emotional roller coaster. A crazy mean person one minute and a love bird the next. My husband suspected something was up.

I’m the blue writing.


pool party 1

On Wednesday, I started having period like cramps. I was shocked that my period would arrive so early. I am very regular. But, nothing ever arrived. Weird.

I had a headache. Cramps. Super tired and super emotional. What the heck was wrong with me? Either I was about to get a period from hell or…maybe…I am pregnant?

This morning, before my shower I decided it was time to take a test. Just to be sure. But the cramps were a sure sign that my period was indeed coming…

After peeing on the stick, I turned away and checked Facebook until the allotted time was up. I was shocked to see that second pink line.

Shock quickly turned into a quiet squeal. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Before this, I had always thought of doing some cute Pintrest worthy way of telling Ryan. But how can I keep a secret like this from my best friend for that long?

In the pitch dark (it was 4:30 AM after all) I went back and snuggled up to Ryan in bed. I asked him if he was awake. Once he replied that he was awake I said,

“Babe, you’re going to be a daddy".

Ryan shot up from bed and turned on the lamp on the bedside table. He wasn’t shocked as he had been telling me all week that he thought I was pregnant. I showed him the test and the biggest smile came across his face.

I have to say, that’s when it became real for me. Seeing Ryan so happy at the realization that he was going to be a Dad brought me to tears (emotional roller coaster!!). For the next 20 minutes we just sat there chatting and day dreaming and planning!

Before I left for work this morning I went and gave Ryan a kiss like I always do. This time, he came me a kiss on the lips and one on my belly.

This is real life and I am so in awe of everything right now! I just feel so blessed!



  1. OMG. I have goosebumps. Haha. LOVE this. I can't believe he knew!!! I had a friend who knew, but some people thought the same thing every month. She was just like, "hey did you take your positive test yet?!" Haha. How are we the last to know?! LOVE this!

  2. Thanks for my morning CRY ... Love you's to the moon n back

  3. One of my good friends dreamed of my pregnancy the week before I got a positive test and my sister in law predicted that I would tell everyone on Mothers Day that I was pregnant (which I did) and that we were having a girl! I think sometimes people just know!

    Congrats again!