Saturday, October 12, 2013

Legally Able To Drink


Ya…I know…A post on a Saturday? What the heck? But, today isn’t just any ordinary Saturday…It’s October the 12th…Thanksgiving weekend (boo!) but also….


So, in celebration of my birthday I thought I would share with you how I spent another special birthday.

Turning 18 is kind of a big deal up here in Quebec. It’s when you can finally have a legal alcoholic beverage!! Now, if you live in a small town like I do, the legal age is just a suggestion (totally kidding Cops…). I mean I celebrated my sweet 16th birthday at the local watering home with a big quart of beer and chicken wings. Still, there is something so nice about not having to worry if someone asked you for I.D!

The problem with my 18th birthday? I was actually at University in ONTARIO where the legal drinking age was 19! Boo!

Being 6 hours away from home for my birthday was tough! I had hardly made any friends yet at my first year! Thankfully, I did know a couple of people and my awesome parents had shipped me some wine to share with my friends.

P.S- My parents were totally aware that alcohol was strictly forbidden from the dorms but they snuck it in for me anyways. Yes, they totally rock like that!

My new friends brought me over a yummy cake but then we realized we didn’t have candles so we improvised!


Then we illegally shared some Wild Vines wine!


We REALLY enjoyed our wine! We felt like such rebels!


Things got pretty silly! 3 girls, weak wine and chocolate cake are bound to make things get a little PG wild!


But, I didn’t have to be alone on my big 18th birthday which was the best part! Turning 18 for a Quebecer is a big deal and being in Ontario for it sucked! But, it ended up being a fun night because of a great friend!


LUCKILY, I didn’t have to wait long to celebrate my birthday back at home! The next weekend was Thanksgiving! The thing to do back at home is obviously go to Gavan’s (small town bar) where you would meet friends, drink quarts, dance the night away to bad country songs and get your FREE birthday shot from the owner!

PS- Please notice this guy smoking in the bar…That use to be legal here! Crazy!




But the back home birthday shenanigans didn’t end there! Some close girlfriends took me out for supper to one of my favourite spots, Ladysmith Hotel for a snack of wings! Of course the bartender there gave me my free 18th birthday beer!



The girls had even snuck in a McCain birthday cake to enjoy! Beer and Cake…Mmmmm…


Oh, and then because I know the owner of this restaurant, I got a SECOND free beer! This broke college student was in hog heaven!


It was a fun birthday overall and certainly one to kind of remember. My friends are all very amazing and make sure to recognize this special day for me. My small town 18th birthday was just as I had hoped it would be! To be at the legendary Gavan’s hotel and finally be drinking there legally is like a right of passage in our small town!

Happy Birthday To Me!



  1. I was being a total creeper because you say you went to university in Ontario so I was curious where and went through some old posts. I live right outside of Guelph!
    It would totally suck to not be the drinking age where you went to school. On the bright side, at least Ontario's drinking age is 19 and not 21!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! That humongo candle made me laugh. College living at its finest. :)

  3. my brother is 19 tomorrow however he was legal on one side of our hometown last year! Hehe we're from Lloydminster!