Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby W–12 Weeks


Finally caught up on all the bump dates! From now the weekly updates will be from the week before!

12 Weeks as of September 27th, 2013. I am currently 13 weeks 5 days!


Not really a picture from 12 weeks but it has been the family picture that has been circulating the most this week from the competition our family won this week.

This week: Was a super fun yet busy week!! The fun part was that our news is officially spread! No more secrets! Yay!

Baby This Week: Is the size of a plum! The exciting part is that pretty much everything is in place and now baby just has to get bigger!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but pants are getting more and more tight! Wearing the belly band with certain jeans!

Stretch Marks/Weight: Didn’t weigh myself this week but my appetite still isn’t 100%. I can eat but it just seems like I can’t eat very much! No new stretch marks other then the ones I had before Baby W.

Movement: The only movement I have been experiencing is things getting into place down there. Things moving around and stretching in my belly. No baby kicks though for a while!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still loving sour patch kids and fruit! Still not liking anything tomato related or much meat!

Symptoms: Waist line thickening, head aches, nausea! Some days I have lots of energy and some days I need naps! I just take it day-to-day right now.

What I miss: Nothing much….The biggest thing would be not feeling nauseous. I am looking forward to the days where I won’t drag my feet and I feel 100% productive again.

Labour Signs: Heck no!

Gender: Team green! My mother predicted this week that it was a girl!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in. Lately I have been thinking about taking my belly button ring out for good. Sad thing but I doubt I’ll be showing it off in years to come!

Wedding Rings On or Off: On and loose lately from the weight loss and colder weather.

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week: Booking our first ultra sound! Still thinking about hearing the heartbeat at the last appointment 1 day before I became 12 weeks.

Daddy This Week: Had to deal with some pregnancy hormones this week but handled it like a champ. Mommy has decided to run for council in the local elections. I wouldn’t have done it without Daddy’s support. He keeps telling me to follow my dream because he will be there to support me.

Wisdom: I’m beginning to realize that the more tired I am that the worse my symptoms are. Sometimes I can’t help but have big and late days but the next day I suffer. Sleeping in a couple hours this week made me feel like a whole new person (6 AM instead of 4 AM, woo hoo!).

Best Moment This Week: Talking openly about Baby W with neighbours, family and friends! It was exciting to have people finally come up to you in public and congratulate us. This may sound weird but I am pleased that so many people that Ryan and I are going to be good parents. I think it’s probably anyone’s fear that they want to raise their children well and I am thankful that so many people are confident in our abilities even when we might be nervous!

Getting the call for our first ultrasound next week! The even better news is that Ryan is able to come with me! I can’t wait to finally get a picture of this little baby inside me!


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  1. glad I am not the only blogger out there not finding out the sex!!! I hope you enjoy your ultrasound! It will be the most amazing experience!!

  2. You & Ry are going to the best parents there is .. I see it when are around other ppl's kids . Can't wait to see the pic of Baby W.. Oh and I will cry.. xoxox

  3. I didn't want to eat meat the beginning either, all I wanted was cheese and bland foods. The first ultrasound is so exciting! You'll get to see the baby moving around even though you can't feel anything yet, it's so neat!

  4. I just took my belly ring out simply because the piercer messed it up (I plan to get it repierced by a better piercer) but I was told that if you want to keep it in during pregnancy you need to buy a special belly ring that will stretch as your belly grows (I'm not preggo and don't plan to be anytime soon but I got curious about it when I first got it done) and good luck on your campaign!

  5. Excited to see pictures of the babes!! :)

  6. I had my belly button ring in almost till the end and it permanently scarred me, my belly button is horrible looking because it had stretched with the ring in, so take it out!! LOL
    you can get pregnancy things that will keep your put it in and its like plastic and bendy and will move with your body...i think LOL
    Love the family picture - Everett really stands out without the matching attire! LOL

  7. I think it is a boy. And I will have a boy too. And they will be super best friends forever. Deal? Haha

  8. so glad you're enjoying the love from family and friends. hoping that most of your bad days are behind you!

  9. I love reading the weekly updates, I get excited for when I will be pregnant again. You are giving me baby fever! The first ultrasound is super cool, you get to see how much the baby is moving around in there, you won't believe it because you can't feel it yet. I remember with ours the baby turned and we could see all of her ribs, it was just so amazing.