Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby W– 4, 5, 6 and 7 Weeks Pregnant


The pictures are just for fun! Besides a little bit of bloating, there has literally been no changes! Except maybe the bra size, ya because those really need to get bigger…geesh! haha!

4 weeks as of August 3, 2013

4 Weeks 

5 Weeks as of August 10th, 2013


6 Weeks as of August 17, 2013

100_1105 - Copy (2)

7 weeks as of August 24, 2013


These weeks: At the beginning of the weeks excited for every little symptom because it confirms something is happening in there! It’s been a blast talking about baby to Ryan and see his curiosity grow.

Size of Baby: Baby has done a lot of growing these week! From the size of a poppy seed in week 4 to the size of a blueberry in week 7! No wonder I’ve been so tired! You’ve been growing lots little one!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet! Although a sports bra has been my best friend early on from very sore girls! And I feel bloated like when I normally have my period but thankfully my regular clothes still fit! Hopefully they do for a long while!

Stretch Marks/Weight: Nothing new for stretch marks. I’ve always had a couple stretch marks on both sides of my hips. I also have a couple of my breasts. Weight is down a few pounds from food aversions/nausea. 

Movement: Not yet! But I keep wondering what that will be like!

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Week 4: I have been loving on the wheat thin multigrain crackers with sliced avocado...very odd. Also really loving the thought of spicy food! 

Week 5: Nausea has kicked in! Out for supper in Nova Scotia. This seafood loving girl puked at the table of a fancy restaurant when they served her the seafood pasta…Confused smile Now all I can stomach is fruit and crackers.

Week 6: I hate food. Give me water. Anything else sounds so gross. Tried to cook meat the other night and made me sick. And my ultimate favorite, homemade spaghetti…one bite and off to the bathroom! The only thing I can seem to keep down is peaches and crackers.

Week 7: Oddly enough anything dill pickle flavour is a huge aversions this week. Which is SO odd because I usually love anything dilly! The only thing that I can successfully keep down this week is cereal.

Symptoms: Boobs..ouch! Random mid day headaches and sleepiness! My eye lids feel like 100 pounds each. It’s hard to reopen my eyes after every blink. Ryan would also say moody…Smile with tongue out Nausea arrived in full force on week 5. Apparently bloat is getting noticeable at the end of week 6 I had someone ask ask me when I was due. Not impressed. My emotional roller coaster went into over drive as I cried myself to sleep after the incident.

What I miss: Nothing really. Maybe a thinner waistline? I’m down about 5 pounds yet my middle is definitely thicker. No bump or anything just thicker. 

Labour signs: Not for a LONG time!

Gender: No’s just “baby”. No feelings yet as to which gender.

Belly Button In or Out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On!

What I’m looking forward to these weeks:

Week 4:Truthfully, as annoying as some of the symptoms are, they are also so comforting. It’s nice to know that you are feeling so yucky because of your baby growing! Mothers first sacrifice? ha ha

Week 5&6: Looking forward to feeling slightly less nauseous. I can hardly even brush my teeth. But really looking forward to telling people. I hate keeping this kind of exciting secret!

Week 7: At the end of this week I will have my first doctors appointment! SO looking forward to it!

Daddy these weeks: Daddy got some new reading material in week 5. It’s a hilarious look at pregnancy from the guys perspective. He has been telling you he loves you every night before bed little one and is already talking about working on your nursery.

pool party 4


Hard to do when life is so busy but sleeping is key! Listening to your body is hard when you are so use to a go-go-go life but it’s so important to rest when needed!

Best Moment this week:

End of week 4: Just because I wanted to see that word…I took a digital test! There is something so straight forward and comforting about seeing the words “pregnant”.

pool party 9

Baby’s first trip to Nova Scotia in week 5!


Week 6: Is all about survival! Glad to cross this week off the books! Went to dinner with two of my besties, Bekk and Jill! SO hard keeping this big exciting news from them! I just wanted to shout it to the roof tops!

Week 7: First prenatal appointment! Woo hoo!



  1. Yay! I still feel so bad that you were so sick! Glad you're finally feeling normal-ish.

  2. well let's hope there is no puking at the table Friday night when we go out for supper LOL

  3. I agree with Stace - LOL! That would make a memorable birthday dinner! ;)
    I still can't believe I didn't even suspect any of this!!!!! hahaha!!!

  4. I had so many food aversions at the beginning but I never actually threw up. The thought of eggs and chicken made me fee awful!!! You're halfway through the first trimester and you'll start feeling better about week 13-14 or at least I did :)